Village of the Future unfolds at Keskustori on September 2nd - 3rd

A view of Keskustori on the coming weekend.
Picture by Village of the Future architects Saana Karala and Tuomo Joensuu.
Story: Essi Santala
The central market square in Tampere has seen many different kinds of events during its lifetime, but on the coming weekend the square will be filled with the spirit of the future. The Village of the Future -event (Tulevaisuuskylä) will deal out information on climate change and sustainable living by offering differing views on the future. The event wishes to engage communities with different backgrounds to build a better future together. The Village of the Future has been designed and built in large part by the students at TAMK Art and Media.

The event offers a rich and varied daily program for all ages.

Discussion panels deal with the relationship of well-being and economic growth, the ecological responsibility of corporations and companies, building eco-cities and food diets of the future. Students from highschools Tampereen yhteiskoulu and Parkanon lukio give us a glimpse on the possible people of the future through dance and improvisation shows.

At the central square Keskustori you will be able to visit a Native American tent called tipi, a cafe in an Asian yurt and a greenhouse with a garden. Workshops will teach children and young people how to build their own playhouses, how to use trash creatively and how to build in an ecological way. The Village encourages visitors to broaden their horizons regarding the future - there's always an alternative!

The author studies lighting design at the School of Art and Media
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