TAMK Finlayson Library: great tool for self-education

Story and photographs: Daria Adamitskaya
What kind of Media are you fond of? Film or animation, design or photography, web or game development? Haven’t yet defined? TAMK library in Finlayson is here to help you discover, go deeper into all fields of Media.

A rich collection of constantly updated best magazines from all over the world will open you all the innovations, inventions, newest ideas and advice from the experts. Do you want to organize a professional photoshooting or video filming for your project or just for fun? But you don’t know what equipment to use and how to use it, how to organize the process? All the guide-books from thinking up the idea to editing in Photoshop, After Effects, printing or other postproduction processes are at your service.

If  you have passion for the art, you need to find inspiration or to broaden your outlook, or you need to learn how to draw, paint, then follow to the sections about the art. There are all kinds of art books with colorful illustrations, useful material about all subjects of arts, from minimalism, pop and contemporary art and japanese manga to traditional arts of different cultures, installations and etc..

Real nerds can find the information how to create their own computer game or how to develop software and web-sites on many bookshelves of the library.
Gonna spend a calm evening watching movies? Choose one from the library
DVD collection. Make a great shopping with 1euro books sale

By the way, there’s no problem for international students to study because most of the books collection is in English. And you won’t find most of this rarest material in the internet, maybe some in the huge TAMK library’s online database ;)

Could you ever imagine that you get an access to all the knowledge of the world to become a real professional? The kindest librarian is always glad to help you with the material you look for your project, interest or final thesis, and if there’s no any books or DVDs in the city that you need, you can ask to order them from the entire world. Just take a cup of coffee and use the opportunity to get all the knowledge that you’ve always dreamt to have!

Daria is a student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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