Cinematography students' retreat

Students of cinematography go to forest - never mind the weather!
Story by Hannu Koivuranta
The 3rd and 4th year cinematography students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, led by Tommi Moilanen, withdrew on Tuesday (13.9.) to the Kintulampi log cabin to speak of abstractions in cinematography and to formulate the future photo exhibition to be held in December.

Students had also been obliged to watch the film The Tree of Life (directed by Terrence Malick, cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki), which served as a basis for discussion about what kinds of themes, images and atmospheres may exist in a film.

During the discussion, the film was dissolved to levels which were used to inspire the students to come up with a theme for the first cinematography students’ photo exhibition ever in the history of Film and Television department. Ideas were invented which generated a good basis for the future exhibition.

The evening ended with the pleasant warmth of Kintulampi lakeside sauna and the bravest even dared to swim in the cold water.

An official media release will be posted about the photo exhibition closer to the event. The exhibition will include works from 3rd and 4th year students of cinematography.