Murder Chairs travels to Festivals in Italy and Switzerland

Text: Nalle Mielonen
The experimental film Murder Chairs (director Nalle Mielonen, 2010) is going to be screened at Novara Cine festival at Italy, far away from the darkness of Ocktober. And because the festival, the film now has an italian translation, for the joy and pleasure of local audience. In Italy the film will be called “Omicidio Sedie”.
After Novara Cine the chairs will travel to Switzerland. The film was invited to Shift Festival at the city of Basel by a jury member from Emergeandsee short film festival, where the film won the jury award last summer.

Like a frieed of mine said: Faster Murder Chairs... Kill! Kill!

Murder Chairs Jury Award in Berlin
Murder Chairs introduced

Novara Cine Festival
Swift Festival