Some pics from the third day of the TAMK Art, Music and Media International week at Mediapolis.
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United Studios

United Studios

Photorealistic 3D in Blender workshop

Free to Play workshop
Connected neighborhoods workshop - What is a 100 meters?

Connected neighborhoods workshop - What is a 100 meters?

 Photos: Carita Forsgren 2016

Games as a Service: Free to Play workshop
by Simon Rozner (Rovio) and Howell Istance (TAMK, UTA)

The workshop kicked off with a very informative session of the basics and highlights of free to play mobile games. 

Simply finding a correct and precise definition for this type of game helped us redefine what the game should aim for.
As with most products, knowledge of your customer is key to building a service that is aimed to particular needs and limitations. Free to play games require developers to truly understand who they are designing for. 

After learning about the important elements, we dove into exercises which helped us improve our chosen game (in our case, a game we are building for a Museum). We developed extra elements and incorporated them into our game to add a little extra to it. I believe our game has became much more with all the extra elements that we have added thanks to this workshop.

All in all, I have enjoyed the workshop and believe the information given to us has been quite valuable and I look forward to other workshops like this.
Text: Barbara Leal-Juopperi
Photos: Carita Forsgren

Hi all,

Now it starts: Welcome to the 9th International week’s opening ceremony on Tuesday morning at 10.00 (KINO)!

Hope you enjoy the programme and explore as many workshops, seminars etc. as possible!

On behalf of the organizing team,

Timo Kivikangas
Head of Degree Programme in Media and Arts
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
+358 40 8698840

Here is some practical information on how to get to the TAMK Art, Music and Media entrance exam.

The Entrance Exam is arranged at TAMK School of Art, Music and Media at the Mediapolis Campus, Tohlopinranta 31, 33270 Tampere. The Mediapolis area is located 6,5 km from the Tampere city center. 

Buses number 8, 17 and 36 run from the city center to the Mediapolis area. The ride from Tampere Central Square (Keskustori) to Mediapolis takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Timetables of the buses are available on the TKL-website*3326933*6823534%29. Note that a single-fare ticket costs 3, and a day ticket is 6,50 €.

Once you are at the bus stop, go on your right, where the Mediapolis sign is visible.

 Just follow that road until the end. (Not quite a yellow brick road...)
Then, you'll find the Mediapolis main entrance on your left.

You'll find the registration desk in our main lobby...

After you have registered, follow the lines to the orange lobby.

 In the orange lobby, you will hear a welcome speech from our Head of Studies, Timo Kivikangas. The lobby will also be an info point throughout the whole exam.

More infos about the exams will be given directly to each applicant once you are here. But if you are in need, remember that the tutors are there to help you! They wear a TAMK t-shirt, so they should be easily recognizable.

Oh, and when and if you get hungry, there is the lobby cafeteria and the lunch cafeteria, with variously priced items.