12.2. – 2.3.2015 after the sunset
Address: Palanderin talo, window, the 5th floor, Keskustori 7, Tampere
At Keskustori market place in the very center of Tampere there is a house called Palanderin talo, at the 5th floor big window the video projections of the Fine Art Students of TAMK emerge after the sunset. The four videos made as team works show people as close-up shots in their everyday life.
Face  is a video about the beauty of the faces of people in different ages in different situations. Seen as next to each other people seem to be in a relation with each other but both in their own world.
Team: Konsta Koivisto, Isa Hedez, Jade Vesto
Untitled is a video about painting. Pink paint  spreads slowly over the screen. It points out that behind the window where the video is shown used to be an artist’s studio.
Team: Nicoló Arnoldi, Isa Hedez, Riina Haapakallio
After watching the video called Click you can never relax in front of your computer anymore. It shows what the hackers might see if they spy us trough web-cameras.
Team: Tommi Viljamaa, Mikael Seidler, Juuso Kuivila, Anastassia Bogdanova
Tuijotuskilpailu / Stareing Competition encages the viewer soon into competing who has got the real poker face. It is hard not to join when somebody breaks in to laughter. The team challenges people of Tampere to laugh more in public places.
Team: Lavinia Colzani, Nadia Karukoski, Veera Nelimarkka, Anniina Pasanen,Alexandra Mitiku, Julia Matinniemi

Text: Sari Tervaniemi 2015

With the vision to establish a brand new rock event in Tampere, students of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences started Kiirarock in spring 2014. One year later, the concept of the event reached a brand new level which will be supported by an artistically strong Line Up. With bands like Idiomatic, New Deadline and I/O, Kiirarock promises to fire up the dark Finnish winter.

“Nowadays music scene is driven by electronic dance music and rap which makes it hard for talented young rock combos. With Kiirarock we want to show people that rock is still alive and give them the chance to see the hottest domestic rock acts for a fair price in a cozy surrounding”, says Kiirarock organizer Carolin Büttner. And with the upcoming Line Up, Kiirarock features a great combination of energetic rock, impulsive live shows and melodic compositions.

I/O is a newcomer band from Tampere to watch out for. Inspired by progressive metal and rock music, the quartet is ready to conquer the Finland’s finest stages. The guys of New Deadline are already experienced in thrilling the listener in intimate clubs or the largest stages of the country. With their amazing confusion of Post-Hardcore and melancholy, New Deadline takes over the audience in a split second. The outstanding rock formation Idiomatic completes the Kiirarock Line Up. With deep melodies and catchy rhythms Idiomatic became one of the most popular local rock acts.

Sat 07/03/2015, Dog’s Home Tampere


Tickets: 5€, from the door
Doors 21.00, Show 22.00


Kiirarock Promovideo done by Sindy Giraldo and Karri Mikkonen.
Portfolio Sindy: sindavsp.wix.com/sindavsp
Portfolio Karri: http://soundcloud.com/karri-mikkonen

There was a marketing campaign for getting the word out for people to apply for out Degree programmes for Media and Arts (and yes, Fine Art's still alive and kicking, although it has changed its form a bit), and now we have got the results for how many applied AND did the pre-tasks:

104 for Fine Art
85 for Interactive Media
73 for Music Production

The teachers are now busy with looking at all the applications and putting them in some order, and in April 2015, the entrance exams will take place for those applicants who got an invitation. Good luck for everybody! As Cai Melakoski once said, we would gladly take all applicants, but we have limited financial resources - so some sorting needs to be done.

A very warm thank-you for Caroline Büttner and Noora Honkaniemi, who did most of the work for our publicity campaign, and thank you to Sami Lindfors for the great videos!

- CF 2015

Mikko Karsisto explaining mocap

On Tuesday 3rd of February, our Media students got to see and visit the brand-new Mediapolis motion capture studio. Most of the students this time were first-years and exchange students attending the Game Design minor, and everyone was listening intently to Mikko Karsisto, who will be one of the people in the new company managing the studio.

Tuomo & Teppo

Teppo Nieminen of the Interactive Media students was brave enough to don up the mocap suit.

Of the teachers, Timo Kivikangas, Tuomo Joronen, Howell Istance, Antti Perälä and Carita Forsgren were attending the demonstration.

Howell in the middle

There will be a five-day workshop available in April 2015 for students who want to learn more about motion capture, taught most probably by Mikko Karsisto. So stay tuned for more info on this, if you got interested!

- Posted by CF