We had an exciting workshop in Hong Kong with the students from Polytechnic University. During the first day we explored the beautiful Chinese garden of Nan Liang and got to see how the local nature feels like compared to Finland's familiar pine forests. 
Thanks to the humid and warm environment the plants were green and bright. The most distinct difference for me, was the smell.

Here are some of my favourite pictures I took:

Bridge, trees and water. Together they make a nice picture.
My favourite Bonsai tree.

Some might find small bonsai trees unnatural and trapped, but I think they are cute and all have different story hidden behind them.

Bright flowers were easy to find in the garden.

In a Finnish forest the smell is fresh and distant, but in this garden it was strong but also soothing. If you closed your eyes and ears and only smelled the garden, you could forget the huge city around you.
Old water mill had a nice atmosphere around it.

We can see the city all around the garden.

On Wednesday we arrived to Dragon's Back. It was nice hiking trail close to our hostel. The weather was quite good. It wasn't too hot and didn't rain so we were lucky. The weather forecast said there could be a typhoon but thankfully it came after we had left Hong Kong.

Before we could start our climb, we had to walk through this peaceful forest path. After the forest we climbed up and down the "Dragon's back". The view was worth all the hard work.
Forest path.

We had to open pokemon Go. ;) All Dragon's Back hiking trail's gyms were full of Dragonates. That was well done.

The view from the top of the Dragon's Back was beautiful even with the cloudy weather.

For me, the greatest part on this trip was to meet new and old friends, and to see how different our cities are. Nature is amazing where ever you go, but it's also so unique. 
Our goal is to find ways how to connect nature with virtual reality games and help people to relax that way. 
This trip expanded my view how different nature can be, and how it affects everyone in various ways.

The theme for this Workshop was Virtual reality and many of us invested it in our game concepts. I can't wait to see what we have produced by next year.

Thank you all from this amazing workshop! :)

Text & Pictures by: Eve Kyllönen

On the 1st of October we celebrated Tampere day in Mediapolis, along with lots of enthusiastic kids and Pikku Kakkonen characters.


Mediapolis Campus was open for the public. Many activities were there for the curious that assisted the event. Exhibitions, live music and screenings. Fine art teachers and students collaborate in the making of a painting workshop, we got to experiment and create together beautiful collective paintings with kids.


The workshop was divided in three sessions, the first painting included Katti Matikainen from Yle, more than 48 kids and their families participated together to paint every piece.


The original photos include very colourful scenarios and situations with the characters The kids were given the tools and the materials to paint. They use the photo reference in order to paint the piece. Here you will see the original image vrs. the painting.



Text and photos: Isa Hedez 

The second year of the fine art study path has kicked off with the 'Working in a co-operative' course which gives the students the chance to work directly for clients through different commissions and projects. During the first lesson of the course a few of us decided to take on a project commissioned by the Finnish liver and kidney foundation. The idea is to make an interactive art installation in the centre of Tampere using a hundred T-shirts designed by one of the best known Finnish fashion labels IvanaHelsinki. 

Being aware of the tight schedule, we started brainstorming immediately and came up with a plenty of ambitious ideas. Taking into account the designated location and the short running time of the installation we had to let go of some of the more complex ideas and stay as realistic as possible. We were lucky enough to receive some scrap wood and other leftover materials from our university, which also made staying on budget much easier. Through trial and error on long working days, the installation started coming together and will be up and running in Koskipuisto in Tampere at 13:00 on Thursday 6th October.


Reflecting the meaning of organ donation, our group decided to use light to symbolise the importance of the act of donating. When a person signs the organ donor card they will get a campaign T-shirt in return - the installation emphasises the simple beauty of giving and caring for other people and is a reminder of how we're all under the same roof. 

You can also read the stories of a few Finnish celebrities supporting the campaign or download the organ donor card here.

Text and photos: Anna-Elina Lahti
Event flyer design: IvanaHelsinki