MindTrek is the leading annual Nordic digital media and business event since 1997, when it was first time arranged as Tampere Multimedia Festival. Ever since that MindTrek has also been one of the academic highlights of TAMK media students - an outstanding opportunity to learn from the top experts of the industry and network with Finnish and international professionals.

MindTrek has electrified Tampere autumn since 1997

This year MindTrek will come back to Finlayson October 3rd to 5th. To some events you have to buy a ticket, many events are free of charge. Below please find a summary of the events.

The conference(s)
The MindTrek Conference is the flagship of MindTrek. It is actually two conferences with joint keynote sessions.

  • The MindTrek Academic Conference is an ACM conference arranged October 3-5 at TAMK Finlayson Campus with up to 3 parallel tracks. To participate in the conference you need a ticket.
    All the details here 
  • The main MindTrek Conference runs on Thursday and Friday, the joint sessions at Plevna and the parallell sessions at various locations at Finlayson. To participate you need to buy a ticket. MindTrek is a part of some TAMK courses, so TAMK degree programmes have bought tickets to students enrolled on those.
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Partner events on Wednesday October 3rd
On Wednesday the Academic Conference begins and a number of partner events are arranged.

Events produced by TAMK with friends

  • 10 am to 12 am Skoog Music Workshop introduces a instrument for persons not able to play conventional instruments. The presenters are Ben Schogler and Sheila Robison. The event is hosted by TAMK and arranged at TAMK Finlayson Campus, Teatteri, 2nd floor. Free admission.
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  • 2 pm to 5 pm Ubimedia Winner Workshop, New Factory, Finlayson. See the best entries of Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award 2012 and follow "the making of" stories by their designers. Absolutely fantastic New Media, this event is a must. Free admission.
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Events produced by MindTrek and partners:

  • 10 am to 17 pm Rekrytori goes MindTrek (Reqruitment Market) offers 500 jobs in the fields of ICT and Media. Lobby of Finlayson Media 54 building. Free admission.
    Read more (in Finnish, Rekrytori home) 
  • 12 am to 4 pm W3C Web Technology Day by Tampere University of Technology (TUT)
    Linked Data for Science and Industry at TUT Hervanta campus. Free admission.
    Read more (TUT home)
  • 1 pm to 4 pm "Create"-tive Marketing Workshop in Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Gallery Bertel, Finlayson. Ticket 60€ (Free admission with MindTrek Conference badge)
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MindTrek Lounge! on Thursday and Friday 9-17

MindTrek Lounge! is a new MindTrek programme component, a place to network, relax, take workshops and have fun between other sessions.

The lounge is open and with free admission for everybody interested. Bravo Plaza, Finlayson.

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MindTrek ticket information 
MindTrek home
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MindTrek/Finlayson area map

MindTrek Parties

  • The official MindTrek Get Together at Skål October 3rd 7 pm  - Free admission
  • Official MindTrek Evening Party at Hullu Poro October 4th 9 pm (Only with festival badge)
    After 11 pm free admission
Both party venues at Koskikeskus shopping mall, on left bank where Tammerkoski rapids end

Thursday October 4th and Friday October 5th

  • Rupriikki Media Museum: Brand New Exhibition – Our Daily Media – on media technologies and content.
    Rupriikki Media Museum focuses on media-related equipment and phenomena from a historical and modern point of view.
  • TR1 Kunsthalle Michael Jackson – Welcome to my World

Special Entrance Fee for MindTrek participants to both exhibitions: 2 €
Both Rupriikki and TR1 can be found at Finlayson close to MindTrek venues

TR1 Kunsthalle
Address of both: Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Tampere
Opening hours, both:
Tue-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm, Mon closed

From 21st to 23rd September we had possibility to participate in the NoTours workshop led by two Spanish artists from Escoitar.org. The workshop was held in Finlayson and we got not only great experience but many new ideas and a lot of inspiration!

NoTours is a project that allows us to walk in the city and hear different sounds in our headphones depending on GPS location in which you or somebody else have attached sounds. Project is based on application created for Android phones that determines your location and plays the audio file for the actual place. This is how we get a soundwalk around the city in a very creative way.

So, what we did was:
On Friday we were introduced with projects and sound events organized by Escoitar.org. (This is very interesting, so go ahead and check out what these sound enthusiasts are doing http://www.escoitar.org) We were also introduced by previous NoTours workshops and explained how this is working.

We went out and tried this in real experience. The day was sunny and our soundwalk in Keskustori succeeded very well. After inspiration and lot of information in the morning we moved on and started create a little task/project by ourselves and did in a few hours. So, in the end of first day we already knew how to create a new project and we made sure, that it works.

On Saturday we made two groups and worked all the day on a new, more serious project starting from the idea and moving forward step by step. We dived more deeply into some specific things that we should know and be aware with when creating a project. We work inside as well as outside, walking around and determining GPS coordinates. This is a part of the work.

On Sunday we completed last technical issues and finally went out!

Shortly, these are steps that we did
1. Step
Idea! You have to know, where you want to go and what you want to hear there (to make others hear) Open editor for this application and let’s start. (http://www.editor.notours.org/)
2. Step
Create a new project and get recordings/sounds/noises/etc. that you need.
3. Step
Go and check GPS coordinates in reality (google.maps is not always very precise)
4. Step
Put in your sounds in editor on direct locations and add needed properties for them.
5. Step
Save/download the project and put files in your phone. Remember, that you also need to install NoTours application in your phone.
6. Step
Go and try, if this works well!

Despite the rain we had excitement about soundwalk (each group made one project) Not everything worked as we wished, but for two days’ work the result was good and we were satisfied with it. The most important was experience we got from these days and we can still improve it.
You are very welcome to take your Android phone (or borrow from a friend) and came for a soundwalk in a city, OR create your

Go here and get more information http://www.notours.org/about

Story: Dita MalinovskaThe author is student at Liepaja University doing her exchange period at TAMK
Photos: Horacio González Diéguez, 

The workshop was part of the Sound Art course of our Degree Programme in Fine Arts and the European Acoustic Heritage events in Tampere.

MindTrek Lounge!
Thursday and Friday October 4&5
Open 9am to 5pm both days
Bravo Plaza, Itäinenkatu 5, Finlayson
Free admission

New to MindTrek 2012 is the MindTrek Lounge – a place for professionals, students, and everyone in between to come network, relax, take workshops and have fun!

And best of all… its FREE!! (And organised by an IMP-student team, TAMK Media Programme.)

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NUMA2012 Winner Workshop
Wed 3.10. @ New Factory 2pm to 5pm
New Factory (Väinö Linnan aukio 15)
Finlayson, Tampere
Free admission

The NUMA Winner Workshop brings the topmost of NUMA2012 entries to life on Wednesday New Factory!

During this 3-hour workshop the best-ranked ubimedia masterpieces - the Finalists & Honorable Mentions - will be introduced to the audience. See how the winners actually work, hear more from the authors and be inspired!

Winner Workshop is open for everybody (no entrance fee) and targeted to all those who are interested in state-of-the-art of ubimedia domain.

Botanicus Interacticus - Disney Research, Pittsburgh

Ever thought interactive devices could be simply grown in the future? If not, maybe the interactive plant interface, Botanicus Interacticus, will make you reconsider. Using multi-frequency electrical pulses, this technology is capable of sensing the location and intensity of touching on any kind of plant (size permitting). This establishes a surprisingly powerful interface between the organic and the digital world and allows for a literally natural integration of media into the environment. This groundbreaking approach broadens the scope of ubimedia in an exciting way.

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The first workshop of University of Arctic network was held in the beginning of September in Kuusamo at Oulanka’s research station. Both art students and science students were involved in the workshop as the goal of the week was to cultivate new ways of visualizing science.

After long working days Oulanka National Park's impressive
sceneries gave possibility to relax

The main media of the workshop was photography. During one week small groups of students were introduced to different approaches of using the photography by the teachers (Antti Tenez, Lawrence Hislop, Walter Bergamoiser, Juha Suonpää, Riku Paavola). In the end of the week each group made their own projects and a poster to report their ideas. The posters were on display in the Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival 2012.
In the end of the week all groups hanged their project to Kuusamo
hall as a part of Kuusako Narute Photo Festival

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The selection of courses available for exchange students at TAMK Finlayson Campus is now online. The degree programmes in Film&Television, Fine Arts and Media offer 20 courses worth 140 ECTS credits + project studies.

Here are 10 of the 13 exchange students (a record by then) we hosted 10 years
ago, autumn 2002. This autumn we host 39 exchange students.

To help the exchange students to find the matching options we have prepared paths like Future Film Studies, Game Studies, Fine Art Studies and Interactive Media Studies. In addition there is a collection of courses suitable to complete each study path.

Read more:
The curriculum for exchange students
The course calendar (helping to avoid overlapping choices)

Skoog Music Workshop
Benjaman Schogler and Sheila Robinson 
Wednesday October 3rd 10-12pm
TAMK/Finlayson, Teatteri, 2nd floor
Finlaysoninkatu 7

MindTrek is not only a business and digital media conference. MindTrek has always also been about bridging the digital divide and supporting participation of individuals and groups in taking advantage of the fruits of digital media and e-society.

Cover Picture of  https://www.facebook.com/skoogmusic

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European Youth Award is closed, but the Styrian Special Award: Poster competition is open until September 30!

Express your thoughts and creativity and encourage people to generate debate and vision for the Millennium Developments Goals (MDGs)!

The Designing MDGs poster competition aims to challenge young people and confront their work with the real world. Creative talents can enter a poster related to one of the following topics:

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Jenni Karhapää and Anna Pekkala: Urban Tribe
Ikuinen Gallery, Finlaysoninkuja 3
open Mon-Fri 12-16

Urban Tribe artwork is made by
Jenni Karhapää and Anna Pekkala, 2nd year Fine Arts students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

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Some of our Media students have started blogs to share their experiences during their exchange period or internship abroad. Here you have four of them:

Tia made her internship in New York, where she started this blog. This week she arrived in Japan and APU (Asia Pacific University) and has already posted her first stories from there

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“Hello, everyone, I am Róbert, and I am an alcoholic.” - this is how the first meeting of our newborn photo club looked like. Yes, that’s right, a photo club.

The new 12IMP students, found several photography enthusiasts within themselves, who were determined enough to find more people to spend more time at school after the lessons. The photoclub currently counts up to twelve members. We are professionals in commercial photography, experienced documentarist, artists, but also enthusiasts and absolute beginners.

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The Degree Programme in Media, better known as IMP, the International/Interactive Media Programme at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) will grow in 2013. There will be 30 seats available for new students instead of the 20 until now. A new focus area will be added to the present interaction and visual design - music production.

Here you can see what is happening when:

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My Little Window is a successful "A girl meets a boy" fiction film made by our Film&Television students, now winner of Baltic Herring Award of the Blue Sea Film Festival 2012 arranged in Rauma.

My Little Window (Eräänlainen Rakkaustarina)

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Story and photo: Pertti Näränen
The new group of MA in Screenwriting students has arrived at TAMK Finlayson Campus, Tampere. The course is arranged by TAMK, University of Salford (UK) and Internationale Filmschule Köln from Cologne, Germany. Seven students come from Finland, the other eight from Germany, Greece, Russia, Taiwan, the UK and the USA.

MA in Screenwriting - the sixth edition has arrived at Finlayson

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Report: Minna Eloranta
Score's autumn kicked off with a game night at Bar K on Tuesday where video and board games merged together in a relaxing atmosphere. Rewards were awarded for the winners in Soul Calibur (Xbox360) and Trivial Pursuit (Games to be changed each gaming night!)

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Story and Photos by: Joanne N H Wong
It was a bright sunny day on the 5th of September, 2012. The streets of Tampere were crowded by amusing costumes put on by new TAMK students of 2012 attending the Tursajaiset. It is a tradition to welcome the first year students, with marching from the town centre of Tampere (Keskustori) towards a secret location which the students enjoyed a series of games filled with fun and laughters to celebrate a great day of becoming part of TAMK.

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A couple of months ago - May 30th to be exact - the first handful of pages of a new webcomic, Feral Gentry were published. It tells the story of Tuomi, an antisocial faery who lives alone among humans - not for long, though. If I had to label it, I’d probably categorise it into new weird, speculative fiction and/or drama. The comic updates on Wednesdays.

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Text: Jenny Kupiainen.
European Acoustic Heritage -project is aimed at discovering and enhancing the soundscapes in Europe, the different soundings and listenings that make up the real and imaginary world and the personality of places and environments contributing to sonic cultural heritage.

The EAH travelling exhibition Discovering the Soundscapes of Europe will take place from 19 to 27 September in Finlayson area, at Galleria Nottbeck, (Satakunnankatu 18).

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Story and photos: Riikka Gröndahl and Mari Ljokkoi
Twenty-six art students gathered in Tallinn in Let’s Make Some Noise workshop. Workshop took place in the end of August. Participants came from five different countries in Europe and from South Korea, Turkey and Israel. During the week the participants presented their own artistic practice, gave each other feedback and mingled. One aim of the workshop was to create a collective performance to Polymer art festival.

Making the place for the performance smaller

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Our four year BA Degree Programme in Media - known as IMP (International/Interactive Media Programme - started three years ago. The last year of the first edition of students kicked off today with the Media Analysis and Research seminar, aimed at helping the students to process their final Thesis project.

Eevi Korhonen works with Wooga in Berlin

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Story: Teppo Nieminen
It was 30th of August. A brave group of media students prepared to face the mysterious woods of Halimasjärvi. The other half of the class had already aborted their mission, scared of what they might confront.

The goal was to use the nature as a source of inspiration

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