This spring, the TAMK students of the Mediapolis campus have been creating something entirely new. Mediapolis, as many already know, is a media campus in Tampere, Finland, where the creative industries and technology are combined. The Tampere University of Applied Sciences students, together with the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and media entrepreneurs have incubated a crossmedia publishing platform called Test Chamber Mediapolis. (

Test Chamber Mediapolis is a place where brave new programming ideas generated by TAMK students can be published. The Test Chamber has been optimized for today's changing media environment, where the traditional rules of television programmin and film making will be challenged and jumped over.

The Test Chamber Mediapolis (or TCMP) got started from a known need: Traditional television programming has become less than interesting for part of the viewers. There have been several hits in YouTube series, but almost none of these have been developed with traditional television formatting rules. If a show is interesting and popular, these qualities cannot always be measured by traditional production values or long-winded content development. A new hit show can be made by anybody these days, anywhere, and within a small time frame. If the show is unique and authentic, that's the most important thing.

The new publishing platform is now ready to receive all the new ideas by the TAMK students, even the most outrageous ones, which will be published as demo or sizzle reels. Right now, TCMP contains Internet pages, its own YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram. Demo reels can be produced by any possible means: smartphones, gopro cameras, security cameras... If the show is still in the idea stage, the maintainer of the platform, the students' own coop MediataideM can make the demo reel.

TAMK thesis films, which have been completed during this school year in the DP on Film and TV, will be watched on Wednesday 27th of May at Finnkino Plevna 2. The screening will begin at 6 pm and it will last approximately one hour. Free entry and anyone can join, welcome!


* Mielesi varjossa
* Call of Lepus
* Virheetön Banaani
* Voitan koko maailman, mutta en sinua Emma
* Retki
* Pineal
* Noidantuli

Brighton is a city at the South Coast of England. It is known for its beautiful seafront and the amazing small alleys with pubs and small stores. Once a year Brighton turns into the Mecca of the European music scene. The Great Escape Festival – Europes leading music festival for new music – takes over the city and brings the hottest new acts from all over to the local stages.

Also this year a group of TAMK students was allowed to be part of this great experience and travelled for five days to Great Britain. 


WEDNESDAY, 13.05.2015

It is around noon when we leave our beloved Tampere direction Helsinki airport and early evening when we land in London/Gatwick and the country of the Queen and Fish & Chips. After we get our luggage (and yes, this time nothing got lost!), we continue our travelling to Brighton. Our hotel is located next to the seafront and offers a great view to the Sussex Coast. Also Peppiina - who was coming from Leeuwarden/Netherlands - and Sami - who was coming from Manchester - found their way to Brighton. After this exhausting day we spend an amazingly delicious dinner together in a local Italian restaurant where we need to face our first two challenges: 1. How the hell do these British Pounds look like & 2. The bill can’t be paid separately! It takes a while to get the problems solved but we learn our lesson and finish the evening in a nice British pub.

Our hotel
Our view when we stepped out off the hotel

THURSDAY, 14.05.2015The Great Escape starts for us in the late morning when we pilgrimage to the Brighton Dome where we get our Delegate passes and Wristbands. Right after that we find ourselves in the first panels about Music Business. Beside the countless seminars, The Great Escape also offers a lot of possibilities for networking and meeting other delegates. In the evening the showcases take their place all over the city. Late at night we finish our first – already really inspiring – day at the TGE!

The Great Escape Programm
Interesting panels about the Music Business
The group at one of the countless TGE parties

FRIDAY, 15.05.2015

The Friday is covered with interesting listening sessions about music/artist marketing and record deals. Within the day we meet people from the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg and Music Finland. In between we surely see great performances of new upcoming acts from all over the world in the coolest locations of Brighton. Even a church is used as an event venue and so it happens that some of us are able to see a great performance by 
Yosi Horikawa. Probably one of the best TGE show is the late evening performance by Turbowolf. Packed with a lot of energy and Rock’n’Roll, the guys fascinate the audience in The Hope & Ruin.

Performance by Yosi Horikawa
Peppiina and Meri ready for the next TGE day
Day Planning

SATURDAY, 16.05.2015The days are running quite fast in England and finally the sun also finds its way to the South Coast. After the daily panels, we decide to discover Brighton a bit more. After a walk through the Royal Pavillion park, we visit the Brighton Pier which is one of the highlights of the city and is actually a huge penny arcade. At the very end of the Pier you can even find a small amusement park with rollercoasters. We spend the dinnertime in Brighton’s great American Diner where the burgers are surfaced with almost a whole Avocado and finish our last festival day with great performances by Bad Breeding, Steve’n’Seagulls, The St Pierre Snake Invasion and Mew.

The Royal Pavillion
British people enjoying the sun
The Brighton Pier
Bighton's Seafront
View from the Brighton Pier
Burger Time
The American Diner
The group enjoying the sunset

SUNDAY, 17.05.2015

After all these amazing days all of us are utterly tired. We still did not get used to the left-hand traffic but to the beautiful weather in Brighton. Before we leave to London/Gatwick to head back to Finland, we conquer Brighton’s shopping mall. 

Brighton's pretty small alleys
Brighton Seafront

The Great Escape was an amazing experience for all of us and still on the way back home we reflect the last impressive days:

Meri: “AWESOME!”

Mikko: “I really enjoyed our trip to Brighton! Most of the bands were great and I got a lot of new thoughts from the seminars. Our group was also a great one!

Peppiina: “I enjoyed the trip a lot. I felt that there was a lot of important people from the business and the opportunities for meeting and networking with ppl were pretty good. I found the seminars really interesting and almost all of them were easy to follow. The bands and artists we saw were great, although I found it very hard to choose which ones to see since there were so many interesting options. Overall experience was great and it's nice that we had the opportunity to see how TGE is.

Sami: „I personally got much inspiration from hearing about music business in much more practical perspective than this far.”

Ville:Good trip, had fun.

Text: Carolin Büttner
Photos: Mikko, Carolin, Sami

What are these people looking at so intensely?

The Visual design minor students from TAMK Media were on the yearly visit to Helsinki. It was supposed to be a warm day, but a chilly wind blew from the sea, and it was mostly raining. But the places we went to were still interesting.

First, we visited Fjord's Helsinki office in the city centre, and heard fascinating facts about service design. After Fjord, the group split up: one half went with Simona Vitalini to visit Brink Helsinki, while the rest took off to Töölö with Tuomo Joronen and Carita Forsgren, in order to go to the animation company Gigglebug. And that's where the image above was taken: everyone sits engrossed, watching one of the new season's animatics.
Did you know that one of the fathers of Gigglebug (the character and the company) is Joonas Utti, who graduated from TAMK Media not long ago?

After Gigglebug and Brink, we all met again in the old Maria hospital, at the company Muotohiomo, whose managing director Pekka Toivanen gave us an inspiring overview of service design and design management. Afterwards, there was conveniently two hours before the bus left back to Tampere - just enough time to visit the Robert Mapplethorp retrospective exhibition in Kiasma and buy some coffee and tea for the road.

TAMK Interactive Media student Riikka Uhmavaara took part in a logo competition for the European Commission, the E-mark U-Trust. And guess what: she came in second! In addition to that, she got a job offer from the European Commission. Not bad at all.

Here's a video of the award ceremony.

Congratulations to Riikka!

Father and Heikki from the work titled Four portraits: mother, grandmother, Heikki and father (2014)

Frederiksborg Slot and The Museum of National History, Denmark Hillerød, is exhibiting Portrait Now2015! during 8.5.-31.7.2015.

Hinni Huttunen has graduated as Bachelor of Fine arts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in the spring 2014. She was awarded in the exhibition with her thesis work for Tampere University of Applied Sciences Four portraits: mother, grandmother, Heikki and father (2014) with the Young Talent Nordic -prize.

The exhibition was organized this year the fifth time and there were 1346 works submitted and 129 works are now shown in the exhibition.

Schermata 2015-05-05 alle 18.03.17.png

At the beginning of March, I started a small project by myself, creating a Music video for Petri Kiviniemi, in art Moon Dust. The idea was to create some visuals that would translate his track “Believe” into art, without being overboard with effects but still keeping the mood of the song.

It was great how we ended up collaborating! Petri is working in our school everyday and I usually study/work in same room as he does. One day we commented each other’s works (his music and my animations) and we thought it would be nice idea to put them together.

TAMK gives great opportunity of networking and meet people who has different skills. Collaboration in projects has been a great tool of learning for me and I think that’s what TAMK should be proud of, because it gives the chance to work with different people, from music field to animation.

This was my third Music video in a year but first ever by myself!
I was pretty scared of the result, but I was motivated to learn new things.
At first I started sketching some ideas and storyboarding. The next step was to model in 3D the symbol of Moon Dust (a skull with ears).
Work in progress of modelling the skull

After the model was ready, I worked in After Effects with Trapcode plug-ins.
What I did was to use the OBJ model of my skull and create the particles around it using Form. I matched the movement to the beat with Soundkey and some expressions.
For the rocks I used Trapcode Mir, Particular and Shine. For the glitch effect I used displacement map.

Schermata 2015-05-05 alle 18.02.47.png

Schermata 2015-05-05 alle 16.27.16.png
Schermata 2015-05-05 alle 16.26.51.pngSchermata 2015-05-05 alle 16.27.06.png

At the end of March the Music Video was ready to be published!
The Music video has been accepted to Student Art Festival [STARTFEST] - Florida - USA, a film festival where students compete against their peers and receive valuable feedback on their work from leading industry professionals.

Here you can watch the Music video:
Enjoy ^__^

Text & images by Sindy Giraldo Saldarriaga (Sindy Sindavsp), 
Degree Programme in Media


As you might have noticed, the international week is by now in full swing.The Fine Art first years, who have been dealing with lights, cameras and projectors for the whole semester are proud to invite everybody to the screening of their final works, which will be held in Kino auditorium Wednesday the 6th of May at 14.15.

The screening will be preceded by some words from our teacher and head of the Fine Art study path Fanny Niemi-Junkola.

We all had a great semester thanks to our teachers and artists Fanny Niemi-Junkola and Sari Tervaniemi.

Here following the program of the screening:

Nicoló Arnoldi
(Enjoy your life)
1:57 min
A taste of minimal symbolism to meditate on life and its certain end, someday, somehow. A symphony of images melts with a full distortion sound.

Anastasia Bogdanova
There is no time like the present
02:30 min
A young girl stands quietly on the shore of the lake, a place holding many memories. She reflects on her past, slowly coming to the realization that there is no time like the present.

Lavinia Colzani
With Eyes Wide Open
2:11 min
The artist, “armed” with a basic compact camera and little jars full of colour, goes around the city transforming out-of-sight, ordinary spots into artworks.
The keen eye sees beauty even in the most unusual places.

Riina Haapakallio
You Feel Me?
2:08 min
The buildup of everyday stress is only temporarily containable. The point of emotional outburst is displayed with intense imagery.

Isaura Hernández
2:25 min
“There is something cold and blank behind her smile.” She has the ability to recognize one self, her self. Young, beautiful and all set for life. Even in her perfect world, could it be enough?

Khalid Imran
Kirje uudelle alulle
(Letter for a new beginning)
2:20 min

Nadia Karukoski
All You Can Eat
1:53 min
The fast and curious bugs are always hungry for a pile of oat.
They are hardly caught by us humans, unless a heavenly moment becomes a trap.

Konsta Koivisto
(Part 1 of the Motion trilogy)
4:04 min
Velocity is a geometrical rollercoaster. It dives through the abstract movement of time and space. The hypnotic chaos takes the viewer on a surreal journey.

Juuso Kuivila
41 sec
Sometimes you sin, fail, or hurt. A severe acknowledgement is necessary. Pain is a currency in constant inflation. What are the limits to self-improvement?

Markku Laskujärvi
Ghost structure/Finlayson Holográfia
1:18 min
How does it make one feel, when familiar surroundings change and become something different?

Julia Matinniemi
The Snow Maiden
A short story about spring with an inviting voice-over, narrating an extract from the Russian folk tale ‘The Snow Maiden’.

Alexandra Mitiku
Remember, stay with me
2:19 min
Barely one foot out of the door, she is pulled back to maintain a two dimensional relation. How much space do you give to staged interactions with intangible characters in your everyday life?

Veera Nelimarkka
1:41 min
The main symptom of a mental disturbance, derealization, is the overwhelming feeling that one’s surroundings are not real. A young man explores the subjective symptoms of experiencing different realities.

Anniina Pasanen
Creating Art
1:59 min
Sometimes, too many times, you end up with crap, when trying to create (build) something special.

Mikael Seidler
Stamp Collector (trailer)
3:10 min
A short documentary giving you a peek into the world of stamp collecting. Eero Huitula, an 82 year old retired missionary,elaborates on his methodology; from collecting to washing and finally storing.

Jade Vesto
Luultavasti jäit junan alle
(You were probably ran over by a train)
3:10 min
Two people go through a short journey together, perhaps visiting their past for the last time.

Tommi Viljamaa
2:00 min
We are living in the Tinder times. Security is only temporary and you can be replaced instantly. Start to improve yourself to ensure future mating possibilities.
Mikael Seidler (filming)
Andres Nõlvak (music)