Art & Media students in Prague

Fine art student Veera Luoto & Augustin "Gustav" Bubnik
Story: Vesa Rantanen, 10IMP
In september 10-17 2011 a team of ten College of Media and Journalism (Prague) and ten TAMK Art & Media students were working together in Prague, Czech Republic, as a part of EU coordinated Youth in Action programme.

History is not Silent workshop took place in the heart of Prague Old Town. Idea of the workshop was to go trough different aspects of how Finnish and Czech students feel about their history in the nineteenth century.
Main focus was on the Czechoslovak communist regime and the victims of Stalinism.

Students task was to produce two films with duration of three minutes.
First video was a part of a game where students were roaming through the city of Prague. Second and more important video was about Vojna forced labour camp near Příbram.

Our Czech colleagues had arranged us a very special guide, Mr Augustin "Gustav" Bubnik. Mr Bubnik was a former prison convicted as an enemy of communist regime. He had spent five years imprisoned in different prisons, also in Vojna camp.

After Mr Bubnik was released from prison, he came to Finland to coach the Finnish national ice hockey team. Finland won Canada and Czechs for the first time under the guidance of Mr Bubnik. Mr Bubnik lived in Finland for some three years and therefore he spoke understandable Finnish.

As a summary our trip was a success. Although we faced some cultural differences during the way. At the end of the week everyone was happy. Not just because of new friends or the learned know-how of new media equipment but also the feeling that we have done something new and significant.
Photo: Amir Abdi, 09IMP

Vesa and Amir are students of our international Degree Programme in Media
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