MindTrek photo diary

Our Media students conquered the conference Twitter wall
10IMP Media student team Emma Kiiski, Anna Narinen and Douglas Symon
were part of  MindTrek Plaza exhibition with their award winning app CalQuest
Our annual Tampere Art Factory festival (TAF) was all over the place
Trent Pancy, Richard Vickers (University of Lincoln, UK), Anna-Kaisa Nässi
and Erika Sangah Kim met during the coffee break to review the results of
the 24h in Tampere workshop on Tuesday
Juhani Hujala, Vilma Pekola, Carrotia won the MindTrek Indie Games Award
Ubimedia Award chairs Artur Lugmayr and Björn Stockleben, 1st prize winner
Kening Zhu, 3rd prize winner Wilken Holle and competition chair Ville Luotonen

MindTrek Party at Ilona in the evening
Skål! Salut! Cheers! Zum Wohl! Na sdorovie! Hölkyn kölkyn!

MindTrek Confererence day one at hotel Rosendahl, Tampere, Finland

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