When spring arrives, the days are filled with light and get long - and our partners come to Tampere to participate in our International Week. Our sixth International Week will be celebrated April 23-26, and you are welcome to like and follow the new Facebook page here!

The International Week is comprised of lectures, presentations, tutorials and workshops given by our guests.

The International Week 2012 attracted a record of 70 international visitors: 30 academic and other staff members from 22 institutes of higher education, 25 students from three universities and five staff members of three enterprises. The International Week featured nine workshops lead by our guests, four seminars and one show of our student works & International Week workshop results, six exhibitions, one networking sauna event, visits to Demola and (Angry Bird) Rovio, one reception and one evening party, countless project and partnership meetings.

Here you can find a complete report and links to blog posts by our guests and us from last year.

The first week they prepared and learned working with video and ice in arctic circumstances.
The second week they did the actual project in north eastern Finland
The third week they prepared and showed the exhibition.

The exhibition was impressive and crowded with a curious audience. At the end of this story you can find links to the videos and photographs of the workshop.

Change - Ice-Art-Nature was the name of this year's edition of the Ice Screen Project, which is part of our Future Film Studies module.

The event on Facebook

Global Change: Ice, Art & Nature page on Facebook (Photographs!)
Seven videos on Vimeo here
Read more about the annual Ice Screen Project

Read more about the annual Ice Screen Project

The tournament is held in Tampere on Saturday 23th of February 2013. Event is held by two former TAMK media production students, Robert Niva and Mikko Helmanen, who graduated last year from TAMK.

It’s time to find out who are the real champions of ice hockey. Ice Hockey Triathlon is an ice hockey tournament which includes traditional ice hockey, table ice hockey (Stiga) and console ice hockey.

The tournament of 2013 is full, but last year also the audience had really fun watching the Ice Hockey Triathlon matches from the big screen. So come and join us at Koulukatu and Restaurant Mallashovi.

Ice Hockey Triathlon World Championships tournament will be held on 23th of February in Tampere at Koulukatu ice hockey field and in Restaurant Mallashovi. The traditional Ice Hockey will be played at Koulukatu from 11:30 to 14:30. From 14:30 to 18:00 teams can think about their tactics and maintain themselves. Table ice hockey and virtual ice hockey will be played in Restaurant Mallashovi from 18:00-23:00.


Photos and video streams will be posted to Ice Hockey Triathlon World Championships Facebook page during the tournament day.

If you can’t join the event, you can also cheer your favorite team via Facebook. But the real Ice Hockey Triathlon atmosphere you can experience only on the spot.

PICTURES from Ice Hockey Triathlon World Championships 2012:

More info about the event:

Welcome to follow the tournament and cheer your favorite team. Free entrance for audience.
Read about the football Triathlon 2012

by Laura Carapeto and Rebecca Peters

16 students and 4 teachers from Tampere University of Applied Science did a workshop called Ice Screen Project in February, 2013. This consisted to develop a project that combines media art, environmental art and science, mixing them with animation, filmmaking and light.

This year the workshop will extend towards scientific aspects with the students from the University of Oulu in the Oulanka Research Center.

This project is divided into three parts: preparing, production and post-production
In the first week, the teachers introduced the students to the topic of this year: Global Change. The students had to think about ideas for possible projects. The last days of the week we went to Lake Pahalampi in Tampere and we learned how to handle and use the chainsaw and how to work with ice. Then we packed all the equipment and tools that we needed in Lapland.

Next week on Sunday 10th the class left from Tampere to Kuusamo, Oulanka Research Station. The first days we had to decide the topics of the projects and organize how to make it. After this we split into two groups. One group worked on the lake, and the other group worked in microscope laboratory taking photos of the bugs with the support of two biology students from Oulu University.

Finally we came up with 7 projects: Heart, Fish, Net, Face, Eye, Lens and Microscope. After that we went to a lake near the research station. First we cleaned the working area and then Vesa and Frank cut the ice blocks for the sculptures.

Every day during the course, Frank taught us astanga yoga and meditation to relax our body and to  prepare us for the hard work. On 16th of February we came back to Tampere. In Tampere we started to sort, select and edit the material (images,video…) for an exhibition and web pages.

The exhibition will be in the TAMK Finlaysson campus, Spede (Finlaysoninkatu, 7
 Tampere) on the 21st of February at 14:00-17:00. 

Vesa Toukomaa, Juha Suonpää, Jouni Hirvonen, TAMK University of Applied Sciences Art, Music and Media; Olav Huizer, The Netherlands, Frank Kappas, Sweden
Riku Paavola Dep. director, senior researcher, Oulanka Research Station

Students from TAMK University of Applied Sciences:
Laura Carapeto, Catalonia, Silvia de Riba, Catalonia, Robbert Groenendijk, The Netherlands, Eline Jacques, Belgium, Martin Kleinberns, Germany, Emilia Ewa Kwiatkowska, Poland, Giedre Lauciute Lithuania, Rebecca Peters, Germany, Marc Pijoan, Catalonia, Giedre Putramentaite, Lithuania, Paulina Sánchez, México, Oona Seppänen, Finland, Jappe Tooten, Belgium, Robert Vörös, Austria, Lubos Rezler, Czech Republic

Oulanka National Park
Read more about the annual Ice Screen Project

Global Change is a project that combines ice, art and nature. During the last week several groups of international students developed different kinds of interesting art projects created in the the unique nature of Lapland.

If you are curious about how ice, art and video mapping can be combined in an artificial way, please feel free to join our exhibition at the Finlayson Campus.

Where: Finlayson Campus, second floor, room Spede.
When: Thursday, 21st of February between 2 and 6 P.M.

The exhibition is for free.
Refreshments will be served !!!

The event on Facebook
Global Change: Ice, Art & Nature page on Facebook

Global Change: Ice, Art & Nature is the 2013 edition of our Ice Screen Project.
Read more about the annual Ice Screen Project

Juha-Matti Koppelomäki, fourth year student of Music Production at TAMK Media Programme in Virrat, won the Shure Europe remix-competition. There were 600+ entries from all over Europe.

Shure is a global manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics and the competition was about to do a remix of Fallen Empires. The main prize was a €1500 voucher.

According to the jury Juha-Matti "won the band over with his hard-rocking, guitar-heavy complete rework of the track, audible at:  https://soundcloud.com/shure-remix-competition/fallen-empires-remix-by-juha . Snow Patrol said it all: "This remix is massive… a worthy winner!""

Read more:
Shure Remix Competition Home
The Music Production education in Virrat will join with our Media Programme. The new Music Production students next August will start their studies with our international media programme students at TAMK Finlayson campus.

Professor Liu Xuguang, Vice-Director of Fine Art Department of Beijing Film Academy and Director of the New Media Art Lab of BFA paid a visit to our school on Friday, right before the opening of his Video Art Exhibition at the Vooninki-hall of TR1.
Our guest discussed the possibilities different forms of cooperation with our Film&Television and Fine Art programmes.

From left: Juhani Alanen from Film Festival (producer of the exhibition),
Tianyun Jin-Kuusirinne helped with translations,
Professor Liu Xuguang,
Head of Film&Television Pertti Näränen,
Lecturer of Fine Art Tiiu Baldwin

The reason for Professor Liu Wuguang's visit to Tampere was the opening of the China Experience exhibition, part of Tampere Film Festival programme. Here's some information provided by the Film Festival:

FestArt: China Experience
TR1, Vooninki-sali Feb 16th–March 17th.
Chinese Video Art.
Tue-Fri 9am–5pm, Sat-Sun 11am–6pm
Tickets 5/1€, free admission on Fridays!

Glimpses of the countless realities of modern China are projected in Vooninki-sali at TR1. The Chinese society is changing fast, but the exhibition still quietly echoes the ancient cultures and Taoist philosophy and spiritualism. In the works of Liu Xuguang, the director of the New Media Art Lab. at Beijing Film Academy, ancient beliefs and myths come alive. Xuguang is inspired by the relationships between human and nature and environment art.

The works by the curator of the exhibition, Tan Tan, create parallel time-space realities, in which the past, present and future are interlaced. The works of both artists share poetic aspects as well as the abundant use of symbolism. In the works of both Xuguang and Tan Tan, ink, the symbol of the entire Chinese society, is a central element.

Liu Xuguang has started his artist's career in the mid-1980s, studied at Universities of the Arts in China and in Japan and is nowadays the director of the New Media Art Lab. at Beijing Film Academy. The curator of the exhibition, Tan Tan, creates parallel time-space realities, in which the past, present and future are interlaced.

Tampere Film Festival

By Emilija Veselova

Just hours ago 16 participants of Camp Berlin shook up the worlds of Finnish broadcasters. 

Television has been in the life of many people for years and still it has not changed in decades. So 16 young people (average age 25) taken to Berlin for a week. Seems quite stupid. None of us had any idea what they are in for.
Campers never knew what is going to happen next.
Marko Kulmala giving the brief for Day 6

There is one word that describes the whole camp - SHARING. With every day I believe in this stronger and stronger. During the 9 days I had worked in 4 different groups, almost every day coming up with new things.
Andres and Hannu sharing a very plausible revenue f
or Backstube idea

Almost every day we were sharing with each other. Only a clash of two, three, sixteen ideas and ways of thinking made everything happen. In all three concepts: TVJ - Prime time, all the time , Touch - Feel. Share. Unite., MINE! - Every one counts - are a sum of the ideas of all of us. Sharng inspired us. Sharing helped us. And sharing shaped us.
Campers working hard

There is no point of holding in your ideas, because no one can steel them. People around you can only enhance them.
Andee presenting concept MINE!

On the train back to Tampere I realized that in these 9 days I have made an impact on how the future of television, I have grown up and most importantly I have gained at least 20 new friends.

Share and you will gain!
Hemppa presenting the TVJ concept
Emilija presenting the Touch concept

On Facebook
The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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Julliette Powell, guest coach at the camp, shares her thoughts about concept created at CampBerlin

This time 459 applicants had Degree Programme in Media as their first choice, last year they were 225. 
The national joint application for international degree programmes of Finnish universities of applied sciences closed on Tuesday.

30 new participants for Media traditional pre-Christmas party will
be selected soon

The merger of two TAMK educations - the interactive media programme run in English and the music production programme run in Finnish - seems to be a success story.

All together there are 712 applicants (412 last year). Out of the 459 applicants who made Media their first choice 238 were ladies and 221 gents.

Finnish applicants are 301 and the 158 international applicants are from 56 countries. Russia gave us 49 applicants, other well represented countries are Estonia, Germany, Nigeria and USA (6 each) and Italy, Latvia and Pakistan (5).

Now the lecturers of the media programme are very busy: they have to assess the 360 pre-tasks that are complete and submitted in time. Last year there were 177 pre-tasks.

The designers of the 90 best pre-tasks will be invited to the entrance exam in Tampere April 9-10, and 30 will be chosen to start their studies in August.

By Minna Suoniemi
Strange Walls –screening in The Finnish Institute in Berlin was very successful last Thursday. There was a full house and The screening was picked out in Die Tageszeitung.

In discussion interpreter Lauri Peltonen,intern at the institute,
student Elina Ylhäisi, senior lecturer in fine art Minna Suoniemi,
student Hinni Hiltunen and Mikko Keskiivari, graduate in 2011,
came to the screening from Vienna. 

The evening began with speeches of The Director of the Institute, Anna–Maija Mertens and our senior lecturer in fine arts Minna Suoniemi. Both were very pleased with the collaboration and talked about the importance of cultural exchange. After the screening followed an active discussion about the work.

The project will continue next fall with the second screening, and also before that, as Strange Walls has raised interest in other co-operators in German-speaking Europe. The project will be joined in Finnland .Cool website, which is a satellite project of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014. Finland as the guest of honour in the Book Fair, there will be a buzz in the cultural field in Europe, with emphasis Finland.

Read the previous Strange Walls story
About the exhibition (in German)
More about the exhibition (in German)

The exhibition on Facebook

by Emilija Veselova
On the 6th of February started the most extravagant project I have ever taken part in. So far I have survived the pre-camp, and 3.5 days at Camp Berlin and could not be more exited and tired at the same time.

Camp Berlin re-thinking television is an ambitious project brought to life by Digita, company that transmits radio and television programmes to all people living in every corner of Finland every day of the year, along with 15/30 Research, RayQ and Insano
Campers leaving to the Helsinki airport to catch the flight to Berlin

In December 2012 in group interviews 15 young people were chosen to join the crew for a 9 day long journey to Berlin, Germany where they would have to re-think the concept of the television. I was lucky or unlucky enough to be selected.
Elina, Jenni and Martins listening to the first briefing

At the moment, it is the morning of Day 5. We work hard every day for hours. Connecting started by working in groups of 5, then we were switched into pairs and in a few minutes we will be pitching our ideas to the CEO of Digita. Very exciting.

So far we have had 3 visitors. The most memorable has been the lead singer of band OK, Go Damian Kulash, who visited all the team and gave hints and his insides to the process.
Damian Kulash giving his opinion about concept to the team
Sneaky Warriors

This camp is not about someone telling us what to do and how to do. It is about guidance,  mutual help between participants and the crew and sharing ideas.

There are a lot of things I have learned so far. The main one - TRUST THE PROCESS.

On Facebook
Twitter:  #campberlin

The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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by Emilia Kwiatkowska
GLOBAL CHANGE is the theme for Ice Screen Project, workshop which is now arranged for the third time.

Ice Screen Project 2011. Photo: Alexander Lembke

The workshop combines media art, environmental art and science, mixing them with animation, film making and light. The two workshops focused on art and environmental art. This year the workshop will extend towards scientific aspects with the students from University of Lapland and University of Oulu in the Oulanka Research Center in Kuusamo.

The workshop is led by sculptor Vesa Toukomaa and other great artists like for example Olav Huizer from Holland who teaches us about video mapping.

The first week of the workshop is already behind us. During that week we made preparations for a trip to Lapland which will take place between 10.02.-16.02. and will end with exhibition of our works.
We have brainstormed a lot about what we can make out of the ice and what can be projected on its surface. Very important thing which we learned during this week (except video mapping :) were safety rules when working on the ice.
It is 1/50 of the huge amount of equipment which we have to
take to Lapland

Students are trying on warm overalls which are important to
keep warm in cold environment

Vesa and Olav helped us to find the most suitable equipment

Challenging Thursday 07.02. We went on the Pahalampi lake
where we could learn how to work with ice

Beautiful piece of ice from the Pahalampi lake, Tampere

Vesa teaches on of the students how to cut the ice

Safety first!
Read more about the annual Ice Screen Project
The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
Read more stories by and about IMPs, the international media programme students

Yes, now it’s possible to apply for TAMK’s new study path “Music Production”, but be fast and complete your admission February 12th at the latest!!!
See details here

From the presentation video you can find at the bottom

The focus of the Music Production studies will be at: 

  • Music production and music business
  • Sound design (Film, Tv, Games)
  • Live event production and technology
  • Cultural export

So far these areas have been taught in Finnish at TAMK/Virrat Campus (Digital sound and Commercial music) with highly valued results (e.g rate of unemployment has been really low, our students bands have reached serious airplay and success – gold and platinum albums, tours, Eurovision song contest final performance)... Great guys and girls to be proud of in many parts of the music industry.

And now we are evolving things into much more potential environment to Tampere. Evolving means that we are not just moving into another town, but we have planned and rethinked our new curriculum to competitive international level with a twist of  interesting tomorrows scenarios included as well. We are definitely not going to stay just local and studies will contain many parts for global international cooperation and projects.

All in all. Thinking of what kind of possibilities our new curriculum, new partners from industry (such as YLE, Finnish broadcasting company) and other Art, Media and Music programmes (and our international UAS-partners) will provide as of August 2013, the prospects to see impressive success stories made by our students are huge.

We are inviting all the talented music production student candidates to join our team at Tampere and to create new innovations and new earning possibilities with us and our partners. Hope to see you at our entrance exams!

Best regards,
Timo Kivikangas
Head of Degree Programme Media

Curriculum 2013 headlines

International Media Programme Music Production Introduction on Vimeo:

In August 2014 we will move to Mediapolis:

Mediapolis (TAMK.Fi)
Mediapolis (YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting company)

2013 Global Game Jam, Tampere,  the event of mind wrecking timetables and passion, took place in Demola the previous week. Degree Programme in Media students were well presented like always.

Check these two videos to see how things worked out. The first one, time lapse by wwweDomenet,

2012 new fonts are here - finally!

The animation and visual design workshop did some new fonts this year too. A couple are still missing but you can get into the mood with these too.

Browse to this web page to view & download the fonts.

One week to go - then your chance to conquer one of the 30 seats of the BA programme at TAMK in Tampere is gone for another year. Deadline: February 12th 4:15 pm Finnish time!

The areas of study and specialisation served by IMP, the international media programme are: Event Production, Game Design, Motion Graphics, Music Production, Music Business, Sound Design, Visual Design, Web Design.

Nothing to worry about. It is only that our annual 30 cr learning module
in Game Design started.

You will need much time to prepare a successful pre-task, so start now!

The steps to success are:
a) Send us a pre-task that will seduce us to put you on the list of 90 applicants invited to the entrance test April 9 and 10
b) Enchant the entrance exam panel to give you enough points to finish on the list of 30 new IMP students.

The schedule:

  • Online application closes on February 12th at 4.15. pm Finnish time (+2 hrs GMT). This is also the deadline for the pre-task
  • Early March: invitations to Entrance Exam sent
  • April 9 and 10 Entrance Exam (one day for applicants)
  • The final results of the student selection will be sent to the applicants by post on May 28th at the earliest.
  • Studies begin on Tuesday August 13 at Finlayson, Tampere

Want to know more?Admissions.fi (Apply online Jan 7 - Feb 12!)
Application pre-task (deliver by Feb 12!)
TAMK Applicant's Guide

..and more?
TAMK Media Home
Media Programme on Facebook

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By Minna Suoniemi

TAMK Degree Program in Fine Art will present a Short Film evening STRANGE WALLS - Contemporary Video Art from Finland in collaboration with the Finnish Institute in Germany .

The Screening takes place at the Berlin gallery of the Finnish Institute on Thursday the 7th of February at the time of Berlinale Film Festival.

Community is in the central focus of this film evening. Questions these films often raise are how can you live as a part of a community or as an outsider, or how multilayered can relationships between people be? The scenes vary from conveyor belt to Finnish countryside house or to a traditional dancing hall.

The significance of contemporary art, visual art and media are especially emphasized in the Fine Art Studies at the University of Applied Sciences of Tampere (TAMK).
The short film selection presents among others performance art, narrative film, animation and documentary film. The films directed by the students and staff of the university of applied sciences analyze identity in relation to community and society: Past, history, family and community define the place and roles of a person.

The films will be shown in Finnish language with subtitles in English.

The artists in the screening are: Riikka Kuoppala, Päivi Hirsiaho, Fanni Niemi-Junkola, Tiina Lehikoinen, Martta Tuomaala, Viika Sankila, Mikko Keskiivari, Minna Suoniemi and Hinni Huttunen.
About the exhibition (in German)
More about the exhibition (in German)

The exhibition on Facebook