By Noora Honkaniemi:

Here are a few reminders when spending Christmas in Tampere:
  • Remember that shops are not open normally on 23.12-26.12, so shop for food beforehand!
  • For example Stockmann is open 24.12. 8-12 and closed 25.12.-26.12.
  • Siwa (at Rautatieasema, next to train station) on the other hand is open 24.12. 6:30-16, 25.12. 12-23 and 26.12. 6:30-23.
  • Alko is open normally 23.12 at 9-20 but closed 24.12-26.12.
  • Bars are open quite typically, to around 2 or 4 am depending on the place.
  • A place worth visiting is the Kalevankangas cemetery (located in Kalevantie) around midnight, which is beautifully lit by hundreds of candles.
  • Some of the restaurants are open on Christmas but mostly they are closed. So go to the grocery store, buy a big ham and some glögi, gather up some friends and enjoy Christmas together with homemade food!
  • The last blue buses on Christmas Eve leave around 2 PM. Find the last buses here
  • Walking in the city center can open a whole new perspective when it is peaceful and quiet.
  • You can attend a Christmas sauna 24.12. at 11-14 at the Kaupinoja Sauna (located by lake Näsijärvi close to the UKK-Institute). Glögi is offered at 11-13. 25.12. – 26.12. the sauna is open 12-17:45.
  • If you really want to tune in to the real Finnish Christmas experience, remember to watch TV 24.12. at 11:29 and watch The Snowman, a very traditional animation movie by Raymond Briggs on the TV2 channel.

By Iina Kuula, student of our International Media Programme (IMP)
(Read all EYA reports)

Before the trip to the EYA festival we started working together with Danish and Spanish students to create a poster and handout for EYA festival’s exhibition. We had meetings online in Skype and chat in facebook about what we wanted to bring up with our presentation. We decided together our main topics and divided them so that each one of us could write completed text to be put in the poster. Our Danish group member Jesper created simple and cool visual style for the poster and A4. Teamwork online went rather well even though finding a suitable time and forum for meetings was a bit tricky.

At train stop after landing in Graz. Iina in the centre

After finishing this task was time to fly to Graz and find the hotel. First actual full day in Graz was cool because we got to see the local university Joanneum, which certainly looks like  nice place to study in (And today at Finlayson I even met one exchange student from there!). Our guide was Joanneums’ own Tuomas called Thomas Radeke. He was showing the different buildings and rooms, their equipment sounded impressive even though we didn’t get to see everything. Im still wondering about the 3D introduction video about Joanneum that Thomas showed us. Guy must be super talented teacher to have students make something so complicated so quickly!

We also had a great tour around the old city. Our guide told briefly about the history behind the buildings and places, for example about the mausoleum and bakery that emperor Franz ordered always cookies from when he came to Graz. We visited the bakery with Caro later on, wish I had bought something from there. From now on I’ll try to find a bit of history behind the old cities when I visit them, they sure hold some interesting stories.
At the festival opening, Town Hall Graz. Iina second from left

The opening of the EYA festival was at the beautiful town hall. 12imps took the whole back row for themselves during the speeches and formalities of the beginning from where we head to another room to enjoy little buffet. People were getting to know each other little bit and enjoying the time.

The following day we had our very first workshop session. I joined Niki Ernst’s workshop about effective pitching and how to make a good presentation. Session was quite short but there was some good advice. Here is some of my notes from the session, how to have a good pitch:

  • Be vulnerable, tell the audience a story that shows you are like them. This will have them to listen you when you start the actual topic
  • Have just a few most important elements that are easy to understand and refer to
  • Presentation should have pictures and a few words. Handout includes the complete information
  • Follow the audience’s expressions so that you can see if some topic should be covered more in detail
  • Film your presentation beforehand and watch it yourself to point out things to improve in

In the other table Paul Hughes was having his own workshop, a bit bad thing was that it had been placed in the same room. Sometimes his voice and laughing people were distracting our session.

Great thing in the end of Niki’s talk was that he asked the girl from ‘Call for books’ group to present their project, and we got to watch, give feedback and hear what Niki Ernst had to say about it. Great!

Before the workshop I even talked a bit with Paul Hughes, not that I’d know him from before. But he seemed nice and asked what we are studying and how is it going in Graz. Funny thing that he knew about Nylon Beat (as there was some family relation I recall), usually people first bring up Santa and heavy metal. I checked his workshop a bit online, using a ten meter paper as part of storytelling and presenting, clever.

Second workshop I attended was by Kirsten Kasch about team spirit. She was explaining how we all have different aspects of things and how for example working online with an international team could be hard. We shared experiences on team working and what sort of problems we have faced. I think it well reflected eg. to our teamwork with EYA poster. Living in different time zones for example can be problematic when having meetings.

One highlight of EYA was the exhibition. It was the only part of the festival where we got to present something that we had done. I was happy that Mindtrek got its own poster and video because it was my favorite project of the year and results were great. Definitely a thing to show for the others! (See the MindTrek OFF video)

I was standing at the poster that included our feedback for with fellow group member Jesper Fromm Jensen. The exhibition was not so well organized as no one seemed to know what we were doing there, but I was super happy that one of the original SpunOut creators came straight to us and was willing to take notes as we told our feedback. He seemed really happy to hear improvements and things to consider with further developing of the website and magazine.
Pic from SpunOut's Twitter stream with the text: "Here with Iina (Finland) and
Jesper (Denmark), young EU students, getting great feedback on our site #eya2013" John Buckley, SpunOut in centre.
The gala of EYA was placed inside shear rock, it was really cool to see such big space with a bar, stage, lights and all. We got one free drink and got to see the winner of all EYA projects, Our Right. It was nice wrap up for the whole thing and to see all projects on stage once more giving their statements. I had to ask John Buckley, what did they exactly get as a prize from EYA, and it revealed to be a box of cheese. I wish it had been chocolate.

I visited once more now, after the trip and noticed one great thing! When you go to the front page, it pops up a survey regarding what kind of content the readers would like to have and why they are coming to the website now. User poll was in fact my suggestion, so I’m thrilled to notice they actually did it and so soon after the festival!

Our Degree Programme in Media will next year include three study paths; Interactive Media, Music Production and a new one - Fine Art.

You will find the pre-tasks for year 2014 from the links below. Each study path has a pre-task - you are welcome to check them all but please finally choose only one study path / pre-task.
Fine Art
Interactive Media
Music Production
These main paths are divided into sub study paths (e.g Game and Web Design, Music Business and Event Production, Photography, Moving image, Site Related and Communal Art) which will help students in choosing their field of expertise. Choosing studies across other study paths is also possible.

The programme leads to the Bachelor of Culture and Arts Degree in four years. The language used is English.

Application time: January 7 - February 11
This is the application period for degree programmes of Finnish universities of applied sciences that are run in English. Application time for Finnish programmes begins in March.

Please find all practical information related to the application at:

Images from the pre-task of each study path

Liza Kinner writes about the birth of the MindTrek OFF - behind the scenes video. It is made by Liza and got its premiere at European Youth Award Festival.

This is a screenshot, you can see the video at the bottom

Back in April 2013, as an annual tradition, 1st year TAMK students were proposed to participate in a project for the festival of digital innovations called MindTrek and express their creativity.

The task was about building up and making an event / installation / exhibition, in short, whatever we wanted (quite broad) and implement it for showing during the festival time. Lots of meetings, talks, discussions and notes - in total, 14 weeks from the starting point to the final event!

Finally, the time has come during October 1-3d, the time for our debut, and us, 7 students, present the work done.

We all worked well and the team spirit didn’t let anyone down. Happily finished our task, we were full of impressions and thoughts, overall glad about our participation. And as a memory, we have this video of so-called “Behind the Scenes” process.

So many things to share that there wasn’t enough time to include everything (only the trip from school to our first destination can take over about 5 minutes!), but still, some of our team members have something to tell! Check out our 12imp fellows.

See the film:

“Interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.” This is networking defined by Oxford dictionaries. To be part of this captivating EYA event is to be talking to people from all around the world from various creative fields. EYA gathered us together to celebrate the 13 winning projects and to appreciate their efforts in using digital innovations to making high social impacts in relevant communities.

These project teams are made of people filled with positive energy and passionate vision, determined to make an impact to the society around the world with their knowledge and creativity. Their courage and hard work were much encouraging and inspiring to me. There was a Gala evening happening at Dom im Berg venue to honour the excellent projects. The evening was so much fun voting for the best project statement and I was very glad to have exchanged ideas and thoughts with many great minds in the festival. The evening in Graz was much worthy to be remembered and celebrated for gaining new friendships and networks.

EYA 2013 selfie at the Gala, Dom im Berg (Photo taken from EYA 2013)

I have also made a little project for myself in this festival, “3-minute with a stranger”. The idea is simply to pick a person in the EYA festival and get to know them by having them to tell about themselves, why are they in EYA festival and what was the impressions of the festival. Check out who I met in this post!

Me interviewing Niki Ernst at Gala evening, 3 minutes turned into
20 minutes! (Photo taken from EYA 2013)
Traveling and Graz
As a student of TAMK, I am eternal grateful for the learning opportunities given to attending this festival despite the long traveling journey involving 4 connecting flights in 3 airports, 2 midnight bus rides, train and tram and our two feet walking in the beautiful Unesco city of design and human rights. EYA festival even arranged a dedicated city guide who did his job wonderfully showing the best of Graz to EYA participants. I am glad that we were able to have time visiting the beautiful city with a castle on the mountain and chill out at the Xmas market, too!
City guide showing us Old Town of Graz and great stories about
Johannes Kepler and Graz

Conclusion: Everyone is a leader, or at least everyone should learn to be a leader
It’s always not easy to sum up my learning experience after an event and reflect upon it with my own progress. What was repeated over and over again is the word, change. Not changing within the same system, but rather transform. To always keep alternatives as an option, in my own words, to be versatile in problem solving or even problem seeking. And this process is done learning by doing. It happens all the time, every day, every moment and hence, lifelong learning. 

During gap time, I was reading Oivallus report concerning about the competence needs of learning networks in tomorrow’s Finland. It resonance very much with the EYA festival’s experience about learning competency and how people are looking into future. People have to define the content and the rules of their work on their own or together with others in a small group/ community. 

Education that promotes creativity adopts methods from work life: experimenting with others without the fear of making a mistake will be encouraged. Perhaps students might think there are many big words spoken but really, it is up to oneself to take the time to absorb and put into own context and make own learning. 

We are the change we want to be, and after the event I am positive that we are changing towards the better. Thank you all at EYA 2013!

Check out the awesome photograph coverage via EYA’s Facebook page, like and follow!

Stories by 12IMP student Joanne nh Wong

Read more EYA stories on our blog (Including part 1 of Joanne's story)

A group of us 12IMP from Networked Media Culture class were given the opportunity to attend European Youth Award Festival 2013 (EYA 2013) held in Graz, Austria. 5-day trip felt like a lifetime journey. For detailed coverage of the event and trip, read Cai’s posts here.

Virtual Project Collaboration
Way before the event started, we were already given tasks for making understanding about EYA 2013 and its 13 winner projects under the United Nation Millenium Development Goals. The fun started with Google Hangout: We are to interact with students from EAL Denmark, FH Kiel Germany and UVIC Spain depending on the assigned project and members. The task is to choose one project from the winning 13, and discuss with team members to give feedback on that project.

#Tweeting report
Our course tutor, Cai Melakoski has embraced the EYA 2013 theme “Young Digital Transformation” very much and urged us students to make report of this event via social media Twitter. This indeed is very effective way to challenge students’ summarizing skills: writing report each time with only 140 words. The interaction of such reporting method are fun and lively, both online and offline. Retweeting, following each other’s report among classmates brings much joy to the experience. #tweetisthenewreport

FH Joanneum
During this trip, we are glad to have visited the only university in Graz that has a fighter jet in their campus! Lecturer Thomas Radeke gave us a warm welcome and toured us around the campus after presenting a fantastic introduction video about FH Joanneum alongside with the many tips of best local bars to visit in Graz!

Tweet about FH Joanneum visit

EYA Festival: Keynotes, Workshops and World Cafe
First day of conference started with one of the highlights of this event Ten meters of Thinking by Paul Hughes. The morning got everyone’s attention on Paul’s 10 meters of wallpaper, rolling as he was speaking, drawing and telling stories. The storytelling has great interaction with the group as Paul was rolling his wallpaper, and even more interestingly, he would reverse rolling the paper and do quick summary of his presentation. It’s hard not to make this the topic of the day as it has one of the most creative way of making a presentation! The content, Circle of Innovation has made its way to my notebook as I was especially interested with the 3 degrees of changes. A video of Paul’s EYA presentation can be found on YouTube, thanks to Niki Ernst.

“Living on the learning edge” quoted by Mark Greenspan, another inspiring keynote “Bringing the World's Next 2 Billion People Online" that encouraged open source community, that everyone can be a maker using digital tools readily available. The stresses here resonance with Paul Hughes’ keynote of WHY. This also reminded me of Simon Sinek’s Start with Why. Everyone can be a maker, and everyone shall find out WHY to be a maker.

All eyes on Paul Hughes and his wallpaper (Photo taken from EYA 2013)

A good way to meet and learn from each other in the conference was via workshop and EYA world cafe. Round table discussions with international experts rotated among groups, based on topics surrounding ‘New Innovation Landscapes’. The first day conference ended with workshops which I attended to Paul Hughes’ “The three stages of transformation”.

Second day of conference was equally exciting. The morning started with red and green cards: audience are asked to show the cards to the presenters Matthias Haas ( SuperSocial), Niki Ernst, (planetsisa) and Adam Montandon (EAL University) if they agree with them or not. The discussion was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck on the topics of business experiences and adventures. Conference followed by World Cafe session 2 and another workshop with Kerstin Kollmann about Coding Literacy. I now learnt how to hack my own Google search button with javascript!

Student Projects Presentation
After lunch, EYA conference continued with students presenting their feedback project as well as other projects using various media including posters, tablet devices, handouts and videos. The presentation methods was in a beautiful chaos which students verbally presenting their work all in the same space and within limited time. I was glad to be giving feedback to one of the winning project under Go Green category: Jerry Do It Together. It was great learning experience understanding about the project and I had good conversations with the project’s team, Justine and Emilien!
Happy Photo Tweets with Jerry DIT team and student group:
(clockwise: Justine Hannequin @haniju, Nil Grau Cirera @Neel_reraura,
Teppo Nieminen @marginaalivirhe, Joanne nh Wong @jojojoannewong,
Emilien Ah-Kiem @Em_hack ) be continued

Stories by 12IMP student Joanne nh Wong

Graz is the 2nd biggest city in Austria and each year the place for the European Youth Award. This year the 12IMPs were able to explore the amazing city, incredible projects, great work shops, a wonderful EYA gala and the Austrian spirit.
Three students now reviewing the last few exciting days.

First day in Graz

Moon : From Tampere to Helsinki and via Frankfurt to Graz. Oh my god, I was extremely feeling tired after long hours of trip to Graz. However, seeing beautiful city Graz totally refreshed my condition. After city tour under the lead of our captain Cai, Graz became one of the city that I would remember for long time.

Captain Cai introducing beautiful city Graz to 12IMP

Carolin : Especially with all the Christmas Lights Graz presented itself from its best side. Even if we were landed a few hours ago Cai showed us the most important places like Hauptplatz, the town hall or an incredible view to the Schlossberg.

Krista : Later on we found a way to a restaurant with traditional Styrian food, and schnitzel! Next to it was located Helsinki Radio, Graz seems to have a tendency to have random finnish words scattered all around it.

Visit to FH Joanneum and EYA-festival beginning

Moon : FH Joanneum was indeed very inspiring school as Cai mentioned. Even though there was some problem of organizing the school tour, it was enough to get general atmosphere of our possible partner university.

Krista : In the morning we made a visit to FH Joanneum, Unfortunately all the newest technology was hidden behind closed doors. But at least they had a jet in their backyard, how cool is that?
Later on we tried out another traditional food, spätzle!

Carolin : After that we got a super great city tour where the guide showed us the most important places in Graz. It is awesome how many hidden places a city can have. We saw the Mausoleum or the bakery where emperor Franz ordered all his food centuries ago when he visited Graz.
Right after the tour was finished we had the opening of the EYA. It was held in the great looking town hall. The opening was quite formal with speeches and a small buffet. But even it was formal, the 12Imps had a lot of fun ;)

EYA Workshops Day 1

Moon : I am pretty sure that it is not only me who totally inspired by Paul Hughes. The workshop session that I attended, The three stages of transformation, had really unique presentation style. While telling the story, Paul Hughes drew image and wrote sentence, which are perfectly complementing and clarifying his concept. In the end of story, length of a one long continuous paper he had draw and wrote on, reached ten meters. (He also had keynote speech 'Ten Meters of Thinking - The Circle of Innovation') His unique way of presentation impressed me a lot, however, I must say that it wasn't just eye-candy presentation. Insightful thought he shared to us, was what truly inspired me.

Paul Hughes’ presentation captivated an audience completely.

Presentations of Winning projects of EYA 2013 in the evening, which was highlight of this whole event in my opinion, was series of intensive and energetic pitches. After 7 to 10 minutes of presentation, juries asked sharp question to presenters and presenters answered back smartly. It was difficult for me to imagine which project would be selected as the best since every project was stand on its priceless mission and executed wonderfully.

Carolin : I went to visit the workshop of Niki Ernst. He gave a lot of great advices how to hold a great pitching session. His workshop was inspiring and well done - even if it was, in my opinion, a bit too short!

Krista : I enjoyed listening to the ideology that Paul Hughes shared with us, “Design Imperfection” (but keep it functional). I love the idea of designing and creating things that are not polished to their very end, something that feels warm and natural.
After the workshops there was bit of free time for a walk around the city center, spotting some Finnish design and a having sip of glühwein.

EYA Workshops Day 2 and evening Gala

Krista : Before continuing with the festival I took a tour with couple other students in two museums.
Museum im Palais
After accidentally stumbling through a shoe exhibition we took a look a variety of armor, weapons and high-class vanity items.
The armory holds over 30 000 pieces of equipment. Gorgeously crafted armors, beautiful pistols and guns taller than 2 meters! It’s a shame you’re not allowed to try those on.

Moon : Exhibition of student project from Finland, Denmark, Spain and Austria was held. FOE, MINDTrek OFF and MindTrek Lumia 1020 were presented by TAMK media students. Also, posters that give feedback to winning projects were prepared by students.

In the evening, a project 'Our Right' was announced as the best project by juries during Gala Ceremony. Also, 'Call for Books' had honour of becoming the best project by audiences voting.

Carolin : In the exhibition we were able to give our feedback to the winner projects as well as present the TAMK projects to the visitor. It was nice to see that many people were interested in what we are doing and the winners were glad as well as thankful to hear our opinions.

The evening gala went pretty well and even the most of us had to skip the after party (because of the unbelievable high price!) we had a nice time at the EYA 2013!

Tampere, we are coming back!

Krista : After learning it’s not a good idea to do anything on the day of departure, we took off to the airport and started our journey back to our lovely Finland.

Moon : Again, our way back to Tampere wasn't easy at all. In addition to delayed flight, we experienced severe turbulence, which was strong enough to make all of us quite nervous, before landing to Helsinki airport. All in all, it was extremely exciting field trip until the very end.

Thank you Cai!

Carolin : I also would like to thank Cai for the great journey! You have been the greatest host and made this all for us possible! Thank you for your patience, motivation and the taking care about us! :)
Read more EYA stories on our blog (and more to come)

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences
Group exhibition
Ikuinen Galleria 11.12.2013-20.12.2013 and 7.1.2014-24.1.2014

In the exhibition there is different styles of paintings, sculptures and prints.

Artists are 2nd to 4th year Fine Art students in Saimaa University of Applied Sciences from Imatra.

The opening will be on Tuesday, 10.12.2013 at: 16-18


Ikuinen gallery is a contemporary art project space located in the old factory complex Finlayson in central Tampere. The gallery is run by a board of fine art students in Tampere UAS School of Art and Media as part of their study program. Ikuinen gallery’s main focus is in presenting interesting and high quality student work, whereas work from other art school students and teachers as well as visiting artists are regularly also at show.

Ikuinen Galleria

ma-pe 12.00-16.00
Finlaysoninkuja 3
33210 Tampere

The final day European Youth Award report must start from the end: EYA over all winner was celebrated at the end of winners gala last night. The winner was Our Right, the project to empower girls in the slums of New Delhi.

Head of EYA Peter A. Bruck, EYA winners Catalina Diaz and Ilena Saturay
and Director of Creative Industries Styria Eberhard Schrempf
The goal of Our Right is to empower the young women in the slum communities of New Delhi so they can utilize the power of media to address and question the poor conditions of public toilets in their communities, and demand better amenities from the local government. In the long term we hope this will empower them to be able to use their newly acquired digital skills, and knowledge of existing laws, to ensure that they and the people in their communities get full benefits of government schemes that is meant for urban people.

See the Our Right video

Saturday programme
Breakfast Bashing: How to keep going after the first success! With Niki Ernst, Mathias Haas, Adam Montandon
EYA World Café II: STORY-TIME: How to run your business successfully! With Isabelle Cholette-Bachner, Domagoj Dolinsek, Gerhard Greiner, Christian Kittl, Hartwin Kostron, Jürgen Pansy
Workshop sessions II: Digital Capacity Building with Rudolf Dömötör & Georg Fürlinger, Mathias Haas, Kirsten Kasch, Kerstin Kollmann, Pihla Rostedt.
EYA Dragon's Den: How to reduce energy waste in traffic
Dragons den was interactive, audience could give green or red cards
to presenters and dragons
Young Digital Academics: Inputs & Outcomes! (Finally our media students in spotlight)
The conference part of EYA culminated in an exhibition with the results of the joint on-line projects (see our earlier story) and projects by students from the universities participating in the festival from all over Europe.

Venla Linna presented the feedback to winner project Our Right

Carolin Büttner presenting Finlayson Open Exhibition and MindTrek OFF

Josef Pacal (right) introducing the Lumia 1020 project

FH Joanneum students let people test the Mind the Cat game, made in our
joint Serious Games Development Summer School in Tampere
Riikka Uhmavaara and Joel Forsman prepared to answer any questions!
The gala
All winners were awarded at the gala evening of the last day at Dom in Berg, a fascinating cave inside the mountain rising from the centre of the magnificent City of Graz 

The Gala is about to begin; our Media students eager to know which of
the brilliant projects will be the over-all winner 

Ikuinen Gallery holds the traditional Christmas market this year on 5.12. and 7.-8.12. On sale amongst other things student made art, Christmas cards and handicrafts. Warm Christmas spirit, glögi & gingerbread and the best gifts are found in Finlaysoninkuja 3. Please note that we accept only cash.
5.12. 12-14
7.12. 12-18
8.12. 12-14


Ikuinen Gallery is a contemporary art project space located in the old factory complex Finlayson in central Tampere. The gallery is run by a board of fine art students in Tampere UAS School of Art and Media as part of their study program. Ikuinen Gallery’s main focus is in presenting interesting and high quality student work as well as work of other adventurous artists.

Ikuinen Galleria
ma-pe 12.00-16.00
Finlaysoninkuja 3
33210 Tampere

The day could not have started better: Paul Hughes drawing his 10 meter key note speech "Ten Meters of Thinking - The Circle of Innovation" on wallpaper.

Here are some of the tweets by our media students during the session :

  • 10 metres of thinking and a new way of thinking. Good drawing even upside down
  • Paul Hughes starts the morning by drawing snakes, talking about unifying forces and quoting Nietzche. Good start!
  • See the World as it is NOT as we are.
  • Great to be inspired by Paul Hughes and his wallpaper rolling again after 5 years
  • Paul Hughes just has a great talk, agreed with every word
  • We need to start changing the way we think. Paul Hughes shows how
  • Paul Hughes taking his jacket off. This must be getting even more serious!

Also excellent and inspiring keynotes by Mark Greenspan (Bringing the World's Next 2 Billion People Online) and Igor Skunca (Social Media: mobilizing user imagination)

The audience, so focused!
World café I and Workshop Session 1
After the keynotes the venue was organised in six tables, each discussing the new innovation landscapes with Richard Adams, Mark Greenspan, Nigel Hickson, Frank Kappe, Igor Skunca, Michael Wildling.

Rick Adams' café was titled "The re-emergence of the artisan through
digital technology and media
"Breaking the old rules: how social media redefines engagement" was the
title of Igor Skunca's café
The first six workshops were hosted by Niki Ernst, Paul Hughes, Kerstin Kollmann, Andreas Rehklau & Bianca Prommer, Brane Semolic

Winner presentations

In the afternoon the heroes of the festival - the European Youth Award winners - where under the loop. The overall winner of EYA was not yet chosen. The winner teams presented their projects in front of the jurors and were interviewed by jury members afterwards.

Catalina Diaz and Ilena Saturay from Our Right, a project to empower girls in
the slums of New Delhi
Shane McMillan from Lessons for a good life

The second day of our field trip to Graz started with a visit to our partner in Graz: Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, the programme Information Design.

Thomas Radeke was the excellent host, here demonstrating a robot project

We have been partners over 10 years and the cooperation has included student and teacher exchange in both directions and joint projects in Game Design.
The seats used by students at Joanneum were tested and found appropriate
for creative work. "We need these too"

The first project SIG-GLUE run 2004-2006 (A Special Interest Group for the Game-based Learning in Universities and lifelong learning) We hosted in Tampere the Engage Learning Serious Games Summer School coordinated by Joanneum in 2010 and the Serious Games Development Summer School also organised by Joanneum in August this year. The next Summer School will be in Graz next year.
Our programmes are quite similar, but there are some differences other than
the lack of sofas at TAMK. They publish books, and our students were happy
getting some

In the afternoon a guided tour of the UNESCO city of Design was arranged by European Youth Award.

Johannes Kepler (1571 – 1630) was a key figure in the 17th century scientific
revolution, best known for his eponymous laws of planetary motion,
lived here some years

Landhaus Courtyard (1527–1531) is the first masterpiece of the Italian
Renaissance in Graz

And finally the EYA festival was opened by Sigfried Nagl, Mayor of the City of Graz and Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of EYA.

A reception wrapped up the day, good chance for networking. The students of the 12 international teams met each other first time after working together on-line for several weeks. (Read more about the on-line project)

Read more:
Event Facebook page
EYA Twitter feed
Follow on Twitter @eyagraz
EYA stories on our blog

As future (or already active) creatives in various fields of design, we students are to create thoughtful products, no matter our media of action. We also should to be aware of the constant creative and technical innovations and keep up with them. This is how we can better ourselves and allow our work to be relevant in our time, and luckily enough, even in the future.

Currently, sustainable design is a hot topic of discussion. It has and will bring countless changes in the whole creative process, whether you work with digital or print media. Sustainability will be an integrated component of our work process and a criteria for producing good design, like the more traditional aesthetical and functional concerns. Certain areas of design are more advanced than others in the matter, like architecture. It is all a matter of education though. Architecture students learn extensively about such practices and have the means to execute them through projects. But it is still a rare thing for media students for instance.

In any case, if we do not develop our skills in sustainable design now, we will be forced to do it the hard way later on.

If sustainable design is just a vague idea in your mind, please get over the kind of bad reputation it might still hold. Sustainability is not just/anymore the redundant "green" slogans or the stereotyped leaf-earth-sunset-flower-kids rolling in the grass- visuals that some short-sighted someones have come up with. It is much more fascinating than that. It is a search for new materials and engeneering, reinventing the way we create and use products, and adding value and durability to our work,... all with the main idea to better our quality of life and minimize our impact on nature.
Why should we care? Because we are the ones more or less indirectly, creating all this crap. And we can use our (more or less limited) influence to (I won´t say it! the make a difference cliché! make the world a better place? worse!) make design thoughtful and valuable again!

Most importantly, sustainability is not a rigid set of annoying guidelines. It is rather a flexible concept that anyone can adapt to his/her lifestyle, ideals, interests and will to get involved. (You won´t have to make leaf logos!)

I am writing this post because I did not know much myself either on the subject. This was before I decided to write my final thesis on sustainability and the future of print design. I read a lot (!) and I got to really know what it meant. Now that I am brainwashed, I selected few major links for the ones who got it too but don´t know where to look:

AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts, If you call yourself a creative, a must check. Good resources about sustainable design too.
Green Graphic Design by Brian Dougherty and Celeri Design Collaborative. The book that got me started. Easy read, very complete and not cheesy.
Green Marketing Manifesto by  John Grant More complex and business oriented but good as well.

Thanks for reading!


The European Youth Award Festival will kick off today in Graz, Austria.
EYA "demonstrates young European’s potential to create outstanding digital contents and serves as a platform for people from all European states to work together in the efforts to reach the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) and contribute to the EU Digital Agenda and the future of ICTs in Europe."

Media students last night at Rathaus, the place of the festival opening tonight

The previous EYA-post on this blog was about the projects prepared on-line and presented on Saturday with students from  Kiel University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Vic University  (Spain) and Lillebaelt Academy (EAL, Denmark). But our 17 international interactive media students will present also three projects of their own, introduced shortly below:

MindTrek OFF
"7 TAMK Media student producers presenting a video about the production of MindTrek OFF program (part of MindTrek Festival 2013). An inspiring, interactive, fun and happening event prepared in 14 weeks."
Photobooth was one of the most spectacular MindTrek OFF projects

Lumia 1020
Five students took on a photo adventure with the Nokia Lumia 1020. While having great time shooting, they provided feedback to Nokia and ran a photoblog

Finlayson Open Exhibition is an art exhibition showcasing the works of students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Finlayson campus. It gathers together animation and more traditional painting from over ten artists. FOE will be seen in the Tampere main library Metso from the 14th January 2014 until the 24th January 2014.
Foe artists exploring the exhibition venue
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