School of Art and Media backside
Here you find the applicants, who have been admitted to Degree Programme in Media 2010.

Please note, that the lists contain only the selection results of the admitted students who have given a permission to announce the results on the internet.

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Summer has arrived at Finlayson, the home of Media Programme

Today is the earliest day when the admission results of the Finnish UAS international programmes may be released.

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See for yourself how it feels to be a student in our program. And save the effort of studying by attending this self study course by Tero Koskela and Ansu Ruottinen.

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Tampere School of Art and Media merged in 1996 with three other schools to start Tampere Polytechnic, later known as Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The first students of the Degree Programme in Fine Art and the Degree Programme in Media graduated ten years ago, spring 2000.

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Here you can get a clue of how it looked inside the camera:

4m2 - camera obscura project: In a camera from Liisa Hietanen on Vimeo.

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Redlynx got the Best Nordic Game Award
Story: Juhani Hujala
On Monday 26th of April, a large group of students from Tampere took a train to Turku. The destination was the annual Nordic Game conference in Malmö, Sweden and the students were from TAMK and Score Game Development Club.

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The Night of Museums
May 15 6pm-12pm

The Night of the Museums takes place tonight in Tampere, with several museums being open from 6 pm to 12 am. In addition to the beautiful exhibitions, the museums and galleries taking part in the Night of the Museums also offer various kinds of special events for their visitors. The Tampere Night of the Museums is part of a European series of events. Welcome on board!!

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Documentary Steam of Life, produced by former TAMK Art&Media student's company Oktober, has received international success again. It won the first prize at DocAviv festival in Israel. Before that the film was screened at Hot Docs in Toronto, North America's largest documentary festival. "The best sauna movie anyone's ever likely to see", commented film critic John Anderson in the Variety.

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TAF opening weekend is over, but you can still see the exhibitions:
SOLD OUT, the final thesis exhibition of fine art graduates in two locations:

May 8-30 Exhibition centre TR1
Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Finlayson, Tampere
Open: Tue-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm (Mon closed)
On Fridays free admission!

May 8 - 25 Art Centre Mältinranta
Kuninkaankatu 2, Tampere
Open: Mon-Thu 12am-6pm, Fri-Sun 12am-4pm

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Story: Hanna Lappalainen
School of Art and Media student Michael Böger´s piece “Kuin odottaisi vettä mereen” (“As if waiting for water into the sea”) won the award for best sound composition at the Radio festival.

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Trailer Guitarra de Palo from andrea zapata girau on Vimeo.

Andrea Zapata Girau final thesis work trailer

The international seminar "How Universities give students a kick to go global?" was kicked off in Demola by Jukka Siltanen and Taru Söderlund. Jukka invited the audience to ponder: "What can I learn?" and "How is it important to me personally?"

As Jukka pointed out, most importantly, TAF seminar is a day to celebrate TAMK students and their achievements! The speakers spoke of art and internationalism from different perspectives.

Andrea Zapata Girau
showed a trailer of her up-coming Flamenco Movie, and Pekka Saari spoke about his film Memory of tomorrow, especially about combining the production with postproduction. Pekka Niskanen told the audience of the exhibition his students are having first at Werstas in Tampere and then in Dortmund. He also shared his experiences in the international art world. Then Robert Niva and Martti Sirkkola demonstrated their 3D animation project, in which they had learned the entire process of doing a 3D animation by doing it together, in a group, instead of relying on traditional lecture-based education. They explained the importance of using the wisdom of crowds and social media application in learning and producing art.

After the break it was time for Jukka Siltanen to take the stage again. Jukka talked about Hub Tampere and entrepreneurship. Hub Tampere is all about joint entrepreneurship and sharing both skills, ideas and resources. Hub Tampere has already had some excellent success, and Jukka sounded very optimistic about its future. The Proacademy students presented their projects: a Tampere guidebook for exchange students, a football tournament and its afterparty. Then producer Timo Vierimaa, spoke about his film, the "Steam of Life" ("Miesten vuoro") and how he succeeded in making his film truly international. According to Vierimaa, the keys to success are good presentation and communication skills along with patience.

The final speaker of the event was Juho Hartikainen from Score game development club, who explained how the Score game club came to be. Hartikainen emphasised the fact that the students who have the enthusism and drive to do new, innovative things, should be supported and encouraged. The students should feel like they are working for the school instead of just in the school. Siltanen, Vierimaa, Niva and Sirkkola as well as the highly interesting Proacademy projects, all highlighted the fact that so much of today's learning takes place outside the traditional classroom environment. This type of learning must be supported and nurtured, for it is the key to national and international success.

Story: Marianna Leikomaa 

Steam of Life trailer


Memory of Tomorrow

Promoting Changes

3D Animation Project

HUB Tampere


Game development club Score

Sold Out and Korean Waves vernissage at TR1 last night
TAF will be selebrated two more days, welcome to Finlayson! This will happen today and tomorrow Sunday:

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Story: Fredi Lilius
Laughter and happy chit chatting filled the Art Hall TR1 when I entered the door, Heta Mäkelä one of the graduating students welcomed us warmly to the premises.  We started off with Jaana Laakonens works where she had used photographs as inspiration. She uses oil on canvas and her style is sometimes so intense that it´s hard to tell the origin of her inspiration. 

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Promoting Changes today 17-19
Finnish Labour Museum Werstas
May 8 - June 20

The museum is open Tuesday–Sunday from 11 am–6 pm

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The third edition of Tampere Art Factory Festival (TAF) started today at the old Finlayson cotton mill in the heart of Tampere, Finland. TAF is above all a demonstration of the skills and talent of the graduates of the School of Art and Media at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and their friends.

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4m² -project is a pinhole camera built by four Fine Art students. A year ago the camera turned Ruoholahdentori marketplace upside down in Helsinki. Now the camera opens in Tampere, in the middle of Laukontori. The scenery inside the camera is recognizable yet alien. The shifting, changing, dimming and brightening sunlight paints the outside world on the inner walls of the camera. The camera doesn’t record anything, the only way to experience it is to step inside.

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Tiina Riutta: In the park

I Love Photography – photography exhibition
Students of Specialization Studies on Photography

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Gallery Nottbeck
Open all days 12am-6pm

Welcome to MEGA-OPENING Thu May 6 at 6pm!

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A Small Study Of Woe (Woe is me!) 
Animation, 4:3, DVD, 3.20min, 2009
Animation by Karoliina Paappa
Music by Mikko Keskiivari

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A first year film&television student team has made some Tampere Art Factory (TAF) promotional animations. Here they are:

Avaruus - Space


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Interactive Cinema Workshop
text: Fredi Lilius
Chris Hales opened the first day of his workshop by talking briefly about the importance of interactive cinema amongst the growing media business in the world. He emphasized the fact that the form of interactive communication with the audience threw the screen is still not a very common form of film making.
What is interactive cinema?

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A view from our tower. In the red brick heart of Tampere cotton was made no more than 30 years ago. Nowadays there is no cotton factory, but something completely different.

Story and picture: Niina Virtanen, the editor-in-chief of Taf Magazine

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From Alice in wonderland by Kang Seulgi
Korean Wave
Photography Exhibition
May 8 - 30

TR1 Exhibition Centre
Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Finlayson, Tampere
Open: Tue-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat-Sun  11am-6pm (Mon closed)
On Fridays free admission

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