Story and photographs by Laura Laukkanen
The celebrated Himona fine art degree show ended in May.  Some of the degree works are on display again already in summer 2013.

Gelatine balls in sweet harmony with Lasse Ursin's work

Laura Laukkanen's installation Aineisto (Matter) and Ismo Torvinen's Fogbass are both in Pyhtää in Stockfors Art Fair as well in Padasjoki in Ars Auttoinen summer exhibition.
Fogbass in a container in Ars Auttoinen in Padasjoki

The artists behind the works have been busy recreating the installations just after the graduation. In order to execute the installations Laukkanen used the recycled material from degree exhibition as well some newly cast gelatine sculptures. Both version are site specific and unique.
Aineisto installation oozing oddness in Stockfors Art Fair

The summer has been  artwise recompensing for Ismo Torvinen. Torvinen's fogbass project was never fully completed during the degree show. The optical fire alarms in the degree show galleries reacted to the fog. As a result Torvinen diplayed in the degree show a video work called "How to Make a Fogbass".
Fogbass in Stockfors looks almost like from
Tarkovsky film

A genuine artistic tribute to the world of tutorials. The smoke rings created by the machine were only seen on screen.
Now the fogbass works. Check the smoke rings in real life in Pyhtää and the whole Do it Yourself Spectacle in full swing in Padasjoki in Ars Auttoinen.

Stockfors Art Fair
14.6.-31.8.2013 tue-sun 11-17
Harjuntie 111, Pyhtää

Ars Auttoinen
9.6.-8.8.2010 tue-sun 11-18
Keinuhongantie 17, Auttoinen,

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Viika Sankila's animation "As I remember it" has been selected in the international NEU/NOW online festival.

The animation is a visualization of a spontaneous moment where the creator Sankila returns to her past to find a story. The memory deals with a child's imagination, role play, jealously, as well as the admiration of entertainment and film industry.

NEU/NOW is an online festival and a live event that promotes cutting edge and multidisciplinary presentations. It is a platform for graduating artists or recent graduates - emerging from Higher Arts Institutions and Universities across Europe and beyond - to present themselves to international audiences.

The fifth NEU/NOW LIVE Festival 2013 takes place 22-26 June in Amsterdam. The Online Festival and Sankila's animation are to be found on the website . NEU/NOW is organized by the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA).

The introduction of As I remember it on the NEU/NOW web site
Neu/NOW festival 
European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA)

Viika Sankila is one of our Fine Art graduates this spring.
Please find her profile on the web site of Degree Show Himona

"An innovative platform for talented graduating artists or recent graduates - emerging from Higher Arts Institutions and Universities across Europe and beyond - to present themselves to international audiences within professional contexts."

By Laura Laukkanen
Stockfors Art Fair

Stockfors, Harjuntie 111, Pyhtää
Open:  June 14 - August 31 Tue-Sun 11 am to 5 pm (Closed June 21 - 23)

Stockfors Art Fair will again showcase young art in the coarse historic ground wood mill environment in  Pyhtää!

The Smoke Bass by Ismo Torvinen. Photo: Laura Laukkanen
In 2013, the theme is "Converters". The exhibitors are fine degree programmes of Saimaa, Tampere, Lahti and Tartu universities of applied sciences and Pyhtää Art Association.

The unique collaboration which started last year will continue this year broader. This year also Lahti UAS and Tartu Art College fine art students join.

Stockfors factory area offers a versatile and inspiring environment for the large team of students. What is the impact of the frothy rapids, ferns growing through the floor or the factory halls on  the experience of the art works?

This year's theme, "converters" refers to the chameleon way art participates in the society.   Art converts, but does not get transparent.

Tampere fine art students were praised last year for showing video art at the Stockfors Art Fair.  This year the setting will be broader.  The exhibition team will travelled to Pyhtää for the joint installation on June 6. The vernissage is tonight and the exhibition open as of tomorrow, Friday..

StockforsArt Fair on Facebook

Story and photos by Sasha Ostasheva and Daria Adamitskaya.
Every year in the spring time one cosy city in the mountains on the south of Germany named Stuttgart hosts giants of Film and CG industry from all over the world - from Canada to New Zealand and all the best universities and schools of computer graphics such as Escape Studio and Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg and passionate students from China, Japan, Russia to North and South America.

Alexandra and Daria

Even Iron Man himself paid his visit and let us be the first people in the world to see him in the second mind-blowing movie about him being a real man with really special effects :)

For the second time the Media students of TTVO go to this festival, the second time for Alexandra Ostasheva, this year with the private visit :) In 2012 Alexandra was one of the speakers on the conference introducing to people our school, Media Programme and demonstrated our students’ general show-reel on the presentation dedicated to our school which was by the way highly appreciated and in several conversations people mentioned that they remembered the last year presentation of TAMK.

The whole event took four full days from early morning till 7 in the evening non-stop with different kinds of workshops about different directions of cg industry from vfx, animation and games to 3d printing, business and innovations and, of course, after-parties every night for relaxing and networking.

The programme of presentations, workshops, case studies, master-classes and screenings was so extremely tight that one could not make a choice and we had to run all over the 4 buildings around the city center and be in several conference halls at the same time :)

What we’ve seen and learnt from professionals on the workshops we wouldn’t learn through the internet. The very exclusive material and breakdowns from different famous projects were shown by those who did the actual movies, animations and games.

Another exciting experience we’ve got was meeting those professionals in a special recruitment hub where you could easily come and ask about the jobs, internships, show your portfolio and get very personal feedback and tips. We’ve got interesting tips got the contacts from people of Disney Animation, Framestore, Pixomondo, MPC, Crytek and others. It was very valuable for getting a good image of what sorts of professionals are most needed in the industry.The most valuable tips were pointing on what we should focus on, what our strongest sides are, what should be improved.

A lot of fun we had in the Transmedia area. It was a huge hall of different booths focusing on interactive projects. Everyone had a chance to test all the products presented there. For example, you could have a dance with Iron Man like I did:

There we were also given a great whole-day workshop on using powerful tools for rendering and compositing VRay and Nuke from Chaos Group themselves. Every bit of information was consumed and currently is used in work :)

One the most delightful innovative transmedia stands that I discovered was Faceshift technology that allows you to do a very accurate Emotion capture with simple depth camera or kinect sensor camera and transfer it on any 3d object in real-time or record, adjust and apply as a motion capture data. There is no need in any expensive equipment and this technology is already used by the film industry. What’s interesting that this was developed by the students of german Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. All students works from the Akademie presented on FMX were very inspiring, you can see what quality can really be achieved in the student projects and you get motivated to work harder even more. For example, the famous official trailer videos for FMX 2013

There still is a feeling that nothing is more wonderful than experiencing this overall inspiring week with your best friend in the sunny southern Germany in the huge crowd of dedicated people.

There are millions of things we could share about the event but you better go and check the event out next year ;)

The winner of "The best thesis at Tampere University of Applied Sciences" was announced yesterday at TAMK's Graduation Ceremony. The 1000€ went to Eevi Korhonen's "Evaluating Usability of Games: A Study of Four Facebook Games Using Heuristic Evaluation".

Eevi presenting her Thesis in Berlin

The jury statement: "In her final thesis Eevi Korhonen applied one of the most common usability study methods - heuristic evaluation - to game research in an original, innovative and logical way. She has used wide ranging source material very well and the thesis is of interest to anyone working in the game industry."

Eevi was the first student to finalise and present a Final Thesis work in the international Degree Programme in Media which started in 2009.

Read the Thesis 
Eevi presenting her thesis in Berlin

Also Honorary Mention in the National Game Thesis Award

The first ever Finnish Game Industry Thesis Award went to the Master's Thesis by Gabriela Rodríguez (Turku University) "Learning in Digital Games: A Case Study of a World of Warcraft Guild".
In addition one honorary mention was given - to Eevi's work. The jury considered that Eevi Korhonen's Thesis was best of all works participating in the competition in highlighting the topical research needs met in the everyday life of the current game industry. "The Thesis, exceptionally extensive to be a university of applied sciences Thesis, expresses genuine enthusiasm for the topic and the game industry over all".

The Game Industry Thesis Award is arranged by DiGRA (Digital Games Research Association) Finland and Neogames, the hub of the Finnish Game Industry.

Degree Programme in Media
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