Tampere hall survives another Tracon!

Story&pictures: Heidi Mäenpää
If you walked anywhere near Sorsapuisto last weekend you must have wondered why a huge bunch of strangely dressed people were surrounding the Tampere hall. The answer is very simple: Tracon VI had taken over! The sixth annual role-playing game and anime/manga convention with an average of 3500 visitors brought together people from all around Finland and the other far corners of the world. This year the Guests of Honor were Yoshihiro Takahashi (the maker of "Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin" manga, in English "Silver Fang: Shooting Star (or Meteor) Silve"), Mike Pohjola (a Finnish author and game designer) and Janne Kemppi (a long-term lecturer and entertainer in Finnish conventions, focusing on RPG, anime and manga). Right from the beginning everybody knew this was going to be the best Tracon yet!

Nice and clear weather made it possible for people to enjoy
the outsides while waiting for another presentation,
competition or workshop to begin

This time the convention was open all night long, giving a unique opportunity to experience the Tampere hall in the middle of the night. The live action role-playing games were the definite favorite of the nocturnal Tracon participants. There was also things to do for those who decided to have a good night sleep instead. Art alley was open during the days and some of the TAMK's Fine Art and International Media students could be spotted there selling their great works to the admiring audience.
The very popular art alley of Tracon

A few IMPs were seen along the hallways playing rhythm and video games or in different rooms listening to game and multimedia industry related lectures. My personal favorite was Teemu Viemerö's lecture about the sins and problems that the game industry faces. He had splendid views of where the game industry is going, what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Best of all, he really knew how to make people laugh (and sometimes feel a bit ashamed for falling into the traps some game companies have made...). Every Finnish-knowing game designer should at least take a look at the place he calls his home, The Real Men's Playground.

Teemu Viemerö, a Finnish game critic, starting his show:
"Behind the curtain of video games: The sins and problems of the game industry"

Altogether the convention was really inspiring and gave a bunch of new ideas to share with all those who couldn't make it to this year's Tracon. Hopefully next year's event will be as great success as this one, and even more people come and hear out the great lecturers!

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The author is a student of Degree Programme in Media
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