By Fanni Maliniemi

Exhibition called Tehonrakentajat (Power Builders) will be on display in Gallery Rajatila in January 2014. Discussion will focus on the demand of effectiveness in our society. Among other things exhibition includes a smoke bass, a music box made from a mangle and bed linen made from coffee bags. Artists have met in the TAMK Fine Arts program.

Power Builders is a six-person group of artists. Heidi Hemmilä, Matti Hyvönen, Laura Impola, Laura Laukkanen , Ismo Torvinen and Fanni Maliniemi set up a working group in Tampere 2012. Fanni Maliniemi will graduate from the fine arts degree program this spring and Matti Hyvönen is studying in Helsinki. The other members of the group are last spring's TAMK's graduates artists.

Power Builders exhibition project in Tampere is a continuation of their tour in Pori and Lappeenranta. In the Gallery Rajatila, the exhibition is a rich setting of a great diversity of works of art. The works include video art, installations, machines and sculptures. They are fueled by power and effectiveness imagery from the media.

Artists found that "teho" (=the efficiency or the power) is the most widely used word of our time - also in Tampere, Finland. It works as a commonly accepted argument and justification in the cases of personal or societal decisions. Schools are closed down, tunnels, tower houses and bodies are built. Calendars filled, and lives are managed. Even the creativity is under the pressure of effectiveness.

The works in the exhibition examine our perceptions of the productive life. Efficiency and creativity go hand in hand in the exhibition. May risk-taking be effective? Yes, if it considers creativity.

Jesse Avdeikov ja Lari Mörö
Life of Manuel

Ikuinen gallery is a contemporary art project space located in the old factory complex Finlayson in central Tampere. The gallery is run by a board of fine art students in Tampere UAS School of Art and Media as part of their study program. Ikuinen gallery’s main focus is in presenting interesting and high quality student work, whereas work from other art school students and teachers as well as visiting artists are regularly also at show.

Ikuinen Galleria
ma-pe 12.00-16.00
Finlaysoninkuja 3
33210 Tampere

TAMK’s Degree Programme in Media and Arts includes as of 2014 also the Fine Art - study path which continues the work and heritage of the prestigious Fine Arts degree programme with a renewed curriculum. Application to the Media and Arts studies in going on at the moment and ends 11.2! The application process (including sending preliminary tasks) is done in the digital domain.

Finlayson Open Exhibition which shows the art and talent of our art and media
students is open at Tampere main library Metso until Sat January 25th.
Photo: Kirsi Marjamäki
We are developing the Fine Art study path towards new, distinctive and increasingly international profile in conjunction with the Interactive Media and Music Production paths studies. Learn more about Fine Art study path’s guidelines and application instructions here:
Degree Programme in Media and Arts
Entrance Exam and pre-task materials

Here are a few samples of the legacy and skills of the previous Fine Art Program which will be a basis to the new Fine Art study path:

NOTE! Each of the Media and the Arts Programme study path (Interactive Media, Music Production and Fine Art) has an own pre-task ! Now is the time to apply!

Application time January 7th to February 11th
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Read more about Finlayson Open Exhibition

The application time for the Media and Art education is running still three weeks.  Should you apply?

To see the art of our art and media students visit
the Finlayson Open Exhibition at Tampere main
library Metso (Open until January 25)
Photo: Kirsi Marjamäki
Many people pondering is it worth the trouble to do the pre-task and fill in the forms to apply for a study place at TAMK Media and Arts education might wonder where the education really leads to. Although the illustrations of study contents are appealing the studies do not necessarily lead to a meaningful career?

To help applicants to have some idea where the degree can lead to it is useful to have a look at what the graduates do. Here you have the most usual present titles of persons who have studied at the School of Art and Media since 1991:

The highest frequency of occurrence of titles is (in alphabetical order): 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Account Manager, Animator, Art Director, Artist, Concept Designer, Creative Director, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Communications Designer/Manager, Creative Director, Director, Freelance, Game Artist, Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Interaction Designer, Journalist, Photographer, Producer, Project Manager, Sound Designer, UX-Designer, VFX (Visual Effects) Artist, Visual Designer, Web Designer.

Quite many graduates are entrepreneurs - Owner and Founder are common titles. The “Serial Entrepreneur” is also presented.

Head of (something), Managing Director, Specialist are also very popular titles and quite many have "Senior" or “Independent” before their title.

One title - Product Manager - has dropped out from the top titles list. (A minimum of three occurrences are required for recognition on this list. The most popular title Graphic Designer has 30+ hits.)

There are also some art/media teachers, one professor and one Director of Education.

Our degree programmes seem to have given qualification to some not-so-obvious careers like Cleaner, Sailor, Sales Person and Vice Mayor.

The biggest employers are Anima Vitae, Nordkapp, Rovio Entertainment, TAMK and YLE, the Finnish National Broadcasting Company. (Two years ago Nokia was on this list but Rovio didn't.)

How was this research done?

The source of data for this note is my LinkedIn account list of connections. I have tags for my former and present students. With the help of those tags I can generate a list of employers and titles and I can sort the list to be able to identify occurrences of them. The list is based on information given by 365 persons.

The increasing popularity of LinkedIn makes the outcome of my little study quite representative. Young professionals seem today to be very active updating their details on the service.

The population of this study does not represent all School of Art and Media students equally; I have been working more with students of our former multimedia, web media and interactive media programmes. Thus the shares of students of fine arts, film and television are not representative in this sample.

Read more:
My previous post two years ago about the job titles of our graduates
Applying for a study place
Finlayson Open Exhibition

The Art&Media Campus will move next autumn from Finlayson to Mediapolis.
Screenshot from Mediapolis web site.

Finlayson Open Exhibition
Tampere main library Metso
January 14 - 25
Animations, photographs, paintings by TAMK Art and Media students

Preparing the exhibition is serious business.
Photo by Alessandra Bernard.

After more than 3 months after the kick-off meeting (read our story from October) our 15 artists are prepared to open the exhibition in Tampere city centre next week.

While waiting to see the exhibition you can meet the artists: they are all introducing themselves on the exhibtion artists' web site:
The menu of the web site - all artists make a nice personal introduction.
The exhibition is truly international - six countries represented.

The statement by the artists:
Our aim is to leave a mark by showcasing the status of students at the Finlayson campus right now. However, the themes or ways for expression are not restricted by any means because we believe this actually brings the truth on the table of what’s happening at Finlayson in the beginning of 2010’s. You are very welcome to the second floor of Metso starting from 14.1.2013.

Screen shot from FOE Facebook page

Please learn more about the exhibition:
FOE page on Facebook
FOE event on Facebook

Read the previous FOE story

There are 48 seats available in TAMK Degree Programme in Media and Arts. The application time runs until February 11th.
The online application form and the database for submission of the required pre-task close on 11 February at 4.15. pm Finnish time.

The three study paths to choose between and each study path has a pre-task of its own, choose one only please:
Fine Art
Interactive Media
Music Production

These paths are divided into sub study paths (e.g Game and Web Design, Music Business and Event Production, Photography, Moving image, Site Related and Communal Art) which will help students in choosing their field of expertise. Choosing studies across other study paths is also possible.

The programme leads to the Bachelor of Culture and Arts Degree in four years. The language used is English.

Entrance exam April 23 and 24
The pre-tasks will be assessed by study path lecturers, and the designers of the top 144 pre-tasks will be invited to the entrance exam arranged in Tampere 23rd and 24th April. The invitations to the entrance exam will be sent mid-March.

Applicants will be notified of the results earliest on May 27th. This is the earliest day admission results can be published according to national regulations.

All details about application
Please find all necessary details to complete your application successfully at: