Backlight Screening travelled around the Pirkanmaa region

Photographic exhibitions are most often presented us as prints inside a gallery space. Backlight Photo Festival made an exception this year by introducing part of the exhibition as an outdoor screening. Selection of the exhibition works were taken around the Pirkanmaa region and projected on walls of buildings. This way the exhibition reached a new audience. Backlight Screening was also a good way to promote the main exhibition.

At Mänttä-Vilppula

The tournee was made during one weekend from 16th to 18th of Sempteber 2011. In the show there were photographs from 11 artists. The crew left Tampere at around 6 p.m. for the first screening at 7. There were from two to three shows per night. The locations were selected beforehand; Akaa, Hämeenkyrö, Kangasala, Mänttä-Vilppula, Orivesi, Pälkäne and Ylöjärvi. On Saturday a surprise screening was held in the center of Tampere for the Backlight invitees, including some of the artists.

Nomad screening is nothing new. There used to be people travelling around the villages with a movie projector and some featured films. Now with the new digital technology; digital photogarphy and video projectors it is really easy to implement a travelling exhibition with projected still images or video. The screening vehicle does not need an auxillary power source and the video can be screened anywhere the car can be driven to. It is possible to ask the audience to arrive to the exhibition at agreed time and place, on the other hand the exhibtiion can be taken to a place where there is already potential audience present, such as a market square or a terrace.

Backlight Screening was a clear proof that there is a demand for this kind of exhibition in the municipalities. The respond from the audience was thoroughly postitive and at many locations there were discussions about why there wasn’t more audience present. Hopefully more exhibitions will be extended into outdoors and people will get used to these screenings.

At Akaa

The Backlight Screening was planned and carried out by Jyrki Kirjalainen of the Moving Gallery. Jaana Ristola assisted in the screenings and also made a documentary video about the happening. The animation in between the slideshow was made by Tanel Päll. Screening music was made by Olli Aarni. Jyrki has graduated from TAMK Art Department few years ago as well as Tanel Päll. Jaana is a third year student. Backlight triennal is arranged by Photographic Centre Nykyaika.

Documentary video of the happening:

Moving Gallery, Backlight Screening from Jaana Ristola on Vimeo.

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