Heidi won Adobe Creative Battle!

The winner!

Heidi Mäenpää
, our second year Media student (IMP) won Finnish first price in the Adobe Nordic Creative Battle.

The participants had simple online tools to create their masterpieces. The jury said that they saw much creativity and choosing the winner was a hard job, but finally they found Heidi's contribution outstanding.

"It never hurts to try new things"

The Artmedia blog asked Heidi for a comment on the battle, and she said:

With my entry to the Adobe Creative Battle I wanted to bring out one of the prettiest things in Finland: Cranberries! 

The tools that I was allowed to use were not that wide, and it wasn't just once that I really wished I could have used Ctrl+Z... But just like in traditional painting, you couldn't just undo your mistakes, you had to paint over. I think that trying out your skills with such limited amount of tools really makes you appreciate everything the latest drawing programs offer and give you some insight on where your skills truly lie.

Hearing that I was Finland's winner was an absolute thrill, especially considering all the competition I had! A big thanks to all my friends who helped me get to the final round. Just like my grandmother always says: "It never hurts to try new things". This time, it certainly didn't!

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Heidi is student of Degree Programme in Media
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