11IMPs: safe and secure

Alicia Fernandez Franco while fighting her fears and the fire

Pictures and text by Emilija Veselova

Burning oil should never be extinguished by water. But has anyone ever seen why? The 1st year media students did.

On August 26th  along with other new students at Finlayson we attended 4 workshops/lectures/seminars about safety of the school, equipment and of course ourselves.

Lukas Kallenbach assembles lamp

We kicked off with first aid. Even though some felt nausea while watching parts of the Red Cross movie, bandaging classmate’s hand and putting him/her into a recovery position eased us out and pushed to learn something new.

In the electrical safety lecture we understood how electrical devices can be properly plugged in. If the electricity goes off in the room, know - the 11IMPs are not to blame. And we know how to assemble a lamp properly as well. And put the wires correctly.
Fire extinguisher is now a friend of Laura Räsänen

And finally we got to the most fun part of the day. Everyone has heard what to do in case of a fire. But imps got to practide it. We fought our fears and fought the fire.

So if you ever need a helping hand in an emergency situation or in everyday life - new media students are exactly what you need.

The author is student of Degree Programme in Media
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