Backlight 11 Photo Festival Expanded Views open tonight

Backlight 11 Photo Festival Expanded Views

TTVO lobby
Finlaysoninkatu 7
Opening September 15 6pm to 9pm

In the spring of 2011 a group of art students from our Fine Arts programme began to gather information for the Backlight 11 Photo Festival on the festival's theme: Migration and the Nomadic Living in the 21st Century. The gathered data and sources are published on the festival's website in a section called Expanded Views. Links there lead the festival audience into the theme, the discussions around it, the debates and information sources, which were extracted from both Finnish and global media during the spring and summer of 2011. Information is grouped under categories such as Immigration, Travel and Trekking and Travel Blogs.

The project aims to view the artists's role in the future as sources/producers of information and interpretators in a world where the individual's relationship to information have become problematic. Sources of information and knowledge are more available than anyone needs or has time to use. Data is the most important commercial resource, and data mining is becoming one of the largest industries. Artists can thus take the role of critical information recyclers and handlers in this world.

The project is on exhibit on the Backlight 11 Photo Festival website and also in the lobby of Tampere University of Applied Sciences Art and Media Department and public spaces throughout central Tampere. At the lobby there is a media installation, which is based on the date collected during the spring. This information will also be distributed as posters in the central Tampere.

The art students involved in the project are: Anne Alalantela, Riikka Gröndhal, Katti E. Hellman, Lotta Kallio, Michael Kinanen, Jaana Ristola and Irene Stachon. The work has been managed by visual artist and curator Jussi Koitela.

Arranged in cooperation with: Photographic Centre Nykyaika, Backlight Photo Festival and TAMK Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

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