Awesome Bowling night!

Story and pics: Erika Sangah Kim
We IMPs gathered for Bowling on Friday night, Sept 23th.
This official 'IMP Bowling Get-together' event has organized for new and old IMPs.
The aim of this event was simple and clear. Getting to know everyone.
Thankfully the school paid for bowling. Yes, it really is a 'official' Bowling event for IMPs. How cool it is!

Second year student, and 11IMPs' tutor, Mikko Haverila reserved 8 lanes at Kaatopaikka, and Anna-Kaisa Nässi divided us into 8 groups. 4 players per lane, one 11IMP, one 10IMP and 2 representatives of 09IMP/08Vuoro/Teachers in each group.

At 8pm, we started to roll a ball. Some of us made a strike and some of us had to watch a ball rolling into the gutter. But it didn't matter to us whether we're good or bad. We all enjoyed it, we got-together and got to know each other, that's all that matters.

After 2 hours of Bowling, some people went home and others headed to the bar to get to know each other more. In all respects, it was successful.

Erika is student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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