NEU/NOW presents Karoliina Paappa's final thesis project Die-Cut

The NEU/NOW LIVE Festival 2011 showcases exciting new work in visual arts, design, film, theatre & dance and music produced by emerging international artists. 35 projects from 17 countries have been specially selected to feature in the live festival, that will take place this November in Tallinn, Estonia, in the frame of European Capital of Culture 2011.

Anthony Dean, Co-Artistic Director of the Festival, said “We aim to produce a vibrant arts festival that forms a unified whole rather than simply being a collection of individual works. We are pleased that we have been able to select a number of works in each category that not only cross discipline boundaries but actively challenge them”.

Anthony Dean and Co-Artistic Director, Paula Crabtree, have highlighted a selected project from Finland, Die-Cut – Configurational Compositions For Camera Surreal by Karoliina Paappa. This is a photographic series of make-believe scenes which have been built from die-cut scraps of childhood belongings, models pose amid the pictures, their faces obscured, seeming to hover between the real world and an imagined reality where people, animals and life in general are at their most idealistic.

“We  were engaged by the lyrical, sometimes slightly amusing photographs which at the same time seek to question the nature of the mask, and to suggest that we use our faces to hide fear and insecurity”, said Paula Crabtree.

The NEU/NOW LIVE Festival 2011 will take place from the 17th to the 20th of November in Tallinn, Estonia in the frame of European Capital of Culture 2011. The online festival, which showcases an even wider selection of works, will be launched at the beginning of October on the website

The NEU/NOW Festival was open to graduating art students and recent graduates of Higher Arts Institutions and Universities which are members of ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts), ELIA associate members and non-European members of Elia. ELIA is an independent membership organization, founded in 1990, which represents approximately 350 institutions across 45 countries.
Karoliina Paappa graduated in May from our Degree Programme in Fine Arts
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