Chiara Boeri captivated the IMPs

Chiara Boeri, the distinguished Italian Media Artist, really took our Media students yesterday. Here you can read post by two of them:
Today we had a lecture with Chiara Boeri, well known in the community of media artists all over the world, with work experience in Hollywood, Great Britain, France and Italy (to mention a few). Besides big projects she is undertaking, she is also a lecturer at UAS in Torino, teaching students about the art of integrating today's modern technology of computers and graphics into the old art of film making.

After about one hour of interesting stories, movie personalities and experiences, she went on to show us some of her works. The ideas were complex and deep reaching, while the implementations ranged from the simplest solutions (like Tabula Fantastica) to the most elegant technology and installation, with a mix of physical objects, image projections and interactivity (like The Reverie for Theater and Cinema).

The last part of her lecture, Chiara showed us several short movies, winners of Melzo Film Festival competition. The movies were full of originality and very diverse, from art movies with visual impact to animation movies and mixed media.

It was a great afternoon, a delight for our eyes and minds.

Thank you Chiara... Thank you Cai and Sohvi... And all others who made this possible for us.

Magdalena Vasilescu
“Art is fundamental!” - Chiara Boeri

Chiara Boeri, a Professor at The Polytechnic of Torino at the Cinema Engineering and New Communication Media faculty, a director of the MelzoFilmFestival, winner of several international awards visited Tampere to give an exclusive workshop for students of TTVO on the 26th of September.

The lecture was dedicated to the role of new technologies, computer graphics in film/movie production.
We recalled the old “Star Wars” movie series of George Lukas. It was funny to know that he rejected to use computer graphics in his first movies, he only couldn’t avoid it for recording camera movement.

Chiara mentioned that directors nowadays rely on computer graphics to solve all the problems, to correct the mistakes, to save money on reducing of number of scene takes. But mostly they are wrong, post-production may be even more expensive and it never gives perfect results. She adviced to use tricks such as false perspective, that was used in scenes with short hobbits and other characters that had to be much taller in “the Lord of the Rings” movie by Peter Jackson, rather than computer tools.

We discussed one of the most famous and successful movies “Avatar” and so popular nowadays 3D technologies. “A good thing about using 3D technologies is that we bring back old way of shooting scenes. Since our brain is not used to such effects it’s hard and harmful to perceive fast-changing pictures and directors now shoot longer frames.”

Chiara paid attention on that Hollywood keeps being too commercial, studio system still works as a movie factory producing patterns and relying nowadays on visual effects to make itself secure in making money.  “Content is what needed now” was the main message from for the workshop.

Daria Adamitskaya


Magdalena and Daria are students of our international Degree Programme in Media
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