Tampere as we see it -event

Story: Noora Honkaniemi
A couple of days ago we received an e-mail from Sohvi Sirkesalo, telling us about a Tampere as we see it –event. The main idea was for the TIKO*- and IMP-students to get to know each other. We were split into groups of 10, and were supposed to come up with three descriptive words around the theme (Tampere as we see it) and take pictures of Tampere.
Our week at Finlayson-campus started (and ended) out awesome! We spent the whole Monday-morning getting to know each other and basically just talking. Around noon we were ready for action, I mean starting to make our photo collages based on the groups’ theme and images. What we didn’t except was the printer to fail at us right about the time we were supposed to start printing our pictures. Long story short: what was supposed to be 10 collages, turned out only to be one.

After well-earned beverages and pastries, some of the people headed out for Mallashovi – you know, to make connections. It was a very successful night, and by the looks of it we will do it again next Monday! Perhaps our collages were not successful, but a beer after school was! Now we can honestly say: TIKO-students, you guys rock!

Photos: Rami Lehtinen

Noora is student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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Rami is TIKO Senior Lecturer

*TIKO = Degree Programme in Business Information Systems. We have a lot of cooperation, especially in game design studies and at Demola