NUMA is one of our most important annual global activities, organised together with our academic & industry partners. NUMA2012 nominees are selected, the winner is revealed at MindTrek October 4th. Here's the press release:

Ubimedia comprises technology embedded in its surroundings that enhances our ability to sense and communicate with our environment. The Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards competition (NUMA2012) addresses digital media makers with different backgrounds. It gives them the opportunity to present their visions on the future of ubiquitous media to the unique audience of the annual MindTrek conference in Tampere in October.

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Zombies at Gamescom!
Story & Photos: Emma Kiiski
Some time ago I had a chance to apply as a volunteer in one of the biggest game professionals’ conference in Europe: Game Developers Conference Europe in Cologne, Germany. The fact that I’m a student pretty much makes me choose carefully where I want to spend my money on. GDC Europe is expensive but it’s really useful for everyone wanting to get to the games industry. Guess what; as a volunteer you pay only for your flights and the accommodation! I’m really grateful to TAMK for sponsoring a part of my trip!

So. I applied. And what happened?

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Story: Josef Pacal
And so here we go again. With a fresh new year we have a fresh new... Security Day. This time they've been testing the survival superpowers of us new 12IMPs.

Starting the day with an easy task - how to load and drive a truck without killing anyone talk - was a great idea, as some of us were still waiting yet to wake up. That turned out not being any problem eventually, given lengthier breaks, where some took the additional rest they needed to prepare for the next and more heroic tasks.

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안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo) from Seoul, South Korea! I'm junior IMP student and having my exchange studies in Konkuk University, majoring here for Communication Design. I have stayed here for already two weeks and getting settled with everything.

South Korea's national flower Hibiscus Syriacus

So far I've been enjoying Korean food, local's and exchange students' company and adjusting myself to the humid Korean summer. Fall semester will start in Konkuk this week. My schedule will be flexible yet fullfilled with studies of Typography, Mass media and Politics and Korean Language. You can follow my exchange in South Korea through my blog.

안녕 (annyeong), Aino

Aino Matkalla -travel blog
Konkuk University website

13 of our Exchange students were by our main entrance at same time! 
Some of them were attending course on Design Management
or others were around town arranging their practical things..

The academic year at Finlayson has started! On Wednesday our new exchange students arrived! All together 28 students from 15 countries - their home universities are in Belgium, 
Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA.

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Our graduate and Demola facilitator Antti Salomaa has been recognised and invited to European Youth Award (EYA) Grand Jury, illustrated as follows:
"From the length and breadth of the digital world, a fine crème de la crème of experts gathers together with just one thought: select Europe's best and brightest entrepreneurs under 30 years."

Antti Salomaa is also running Demola Innosummer

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European Youth Award is closed, but the Styrian Special Award: Poster competition is open until September 15!

Express your thoughts and creativity and encourage people to generate debate and vision for the Millennium Developments Goals (MDGs)!

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Words and photos: Yonathan Wolowelsky and Riikka Uhmavaara

Sir Hugh Beaver first published the Guinness World Records Book in 1955, since then, many weird accomplishments have been achieved. One of them is the “Largest gathering of people dressed as video games characters”, a record we tried to break last Sunday at the Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere.
12 IMPs with the original ikea bag

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What do Habbo Hotel, Wreck a Movie, Angry Birds, Need4Feed, Hammerkit Studio, Epooq and have in common?
They are all World Summit Award (WSA) winners. The call for nominations of Finnish world class e-Content in eight categories is open until September 9th. Producers can nominate their own products and anybody can promote their favourites.

The World Summit Award (WSA) is a biennial global activity to select and promote the world's best e-Content and most innovative ICT applications. It offers a worldwide platform for all who value the creative use of ICTs and who are committed to making today’s information society more inclusive.

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The first orientation week of our Media students, the IMPs, is traditionally rounded up on a beautiful Friday afternoon in the Finlayson Palace park right behind our school finding out who is the Mölkky Champion this year. This time victory went to Latvia, Ieva Šuste is the Champ.

Mölkky is a popular Finnish throwing game.

The winner Ieva Šuste in front with Mölkky pin 1 in her hand and foot on the
Mölkky box. All together 24 new students, tutors and lecturers took part in the

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The last weekend of the festival features WTF - Welcome to Finland - a collection of the essential short films from Finland of 21st century so far.
The WTF screening is produced by Festival-Y, Futureshorts and Helsinki
Short Film Festival

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Our Degree Programme in Media aka International Media Programme, IMP, has been in active interaction here there and almost everywhere during its four years of existence.

World Map detail: Europe

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Project Counsellor Outi Söderholm administers the access cards.

The tutors helped the new students of the Film and Television, Fine Arts and Media to orientate to the TTVO’s mentality. “Life should not be taken too seriously.”
Speaking of tutors: How many tutors are needed to help a new student gain access card?

Report by tutor Jonna Rautala.

Our new fine art, film&television and media students started today, our building is filled with excitement, curiosity and joy.

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We have now 22 course modules in English for the exchange students

Exchange students work hard and bring much joy to the everyday life of our
campus. Photo from the "Ice Screen Project" exhibition of the exchange
students last spring

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This fall is once more the period of departures for studies abroad. Along with Tia, I'll be leaving the dark-to-be Finland to the Land of Rising Sun in September.
I'll be staying a semester in Ōita, on the Kyushu Island. The city is considered small on the Japanese scale but it is still around the size of Helsinki. For various reasons, there is a blog to follow at There isn't much there yet, but with time content should be appearing. But I am not promising anything, as I am not an enthousiastic writer and I might loose my motivation mid-trip! 

There is also Tia's blog to follow at


Story: Minna Eloranta
Assembly 2012 is now over on behalf of TAMK and the whole sponsor-group I can say it went amazingly!

Joni and Veli playing the game Viking vs Spartan

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The World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) Call for Projects 2012 is now over. This year´s edition was a success: more than 1150 young social entrepreneurs from 121 different countries registered!

Thanks poster by the WSYA team

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August 11-19
Näsilinna Palace (Milavida)
300m North-West from Finlayson

Näsilinna alias Milavida will again become alive for nine days

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