The second day with Cesare Massarenti

Cesare Massarenti today at MindTrek Conference
Story: Rosanna Salminen
Cesare Massarentis two-day seminar continued yesterday. Minna Eloranta wrote a post about the first day (read story and Rosanna Salminen reported the second session:

Today we continued with captivating Cesare Massarenti by discussing about the future of tablets. The discussion was highly current because Amazon was about to launch a new kind of tablet the same day. We deliberated if it is going to be a serious opponent to Apple's iPad and how different business strategies Apple and Amazon have. Cesare also told us about different displays used in tablets and especially the technology behind e-ink displays.

The rest of the day Cesare concentrated mostly on digital marketing and advertisement and how to make it effective in new mediums such as social networks. The advertising in an interactive environment differs totally from advertising in television.

He also emphasized how important it is to measure and optimize the impact of digital marketing campaign. By measuring and rationalizing it is possible to reduce the costs and time used in a campaign and reach the right target group more effectively. At the end he introduced us several equations used in measuring and gave us simple examples how to use them in real life situations.

These two days with Cesare Massarenti have been very interesting and we've learned so much. He really talked out of experience and introduced so many possibilities and different points of view that it got our brains steaming. Let's hope he comes back soon because I have hunch he has a lot more knowledge to share with us.

Rosanna is student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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