A graduation film shoot wrapped out in Eräjärvi

Outi directing the film's main character.
Text: Hannu Koivuranta
 "Arno", a graduation film directed by Outi Hartikainen, wrapped up last week in Orivesi, Eräjärvi, about 60 kilometers north from Tampere. The film starring Ismo Kallio, Tiina Rinne and Mikko Reitala was shot in nine days, 11.-22.8.

The 20-minute shortfilm script, written  by Hannu Koivuranta, is set in one location and tells the story of a small family and their relationships in the brink of life and death. The scriptwriting process lasted for two years and it was finished in Feature Film and TV-series Dvelopment Project (ETKE 2011-2012).

The graduation film is part of the following students' dissertations: Outi Hartikainen (director), Hannu Koivuranta (screenwriter-cinematographer), Toni Anttila (editor). Sound design will be carried out by Mikko M. KOskinen.

The Film was produced by Karisma Films (producer Markus Kosonen) and co-produced by TAMK/ Art & Media.

The film will be finished in early 2012.