The Fine arts exam is starting on the 3rd floor of the Finlayson campus

Last year, our TAMK Media programme was organized into two main study paths for the first time: Interactive media and Music production. This year, our programme expanded with the study path of Fine Art. Also, the name of the programme changed to Media and Arts, and the total annual intake increased from 30 to 48 students. Twenty study places are aimed for the study path Interactive Media, 14 study places for Music production and 14 study places for the study path of Fine Art.

As a result of this transformation, we invited for each study path 144 applicants in total. These applicants had got best points at the pre-tasks, prior to the entrance exams. And last week, these 144 people came to the entrance exams arranged on the 23rd and 24th of April, 2014.
This year, we had about ten first choice applicants per seat (almost 500 in total). This is a good result and tells that our applicants were applying to one the most wanted study places in the whole of TAMK.
Our entrance exam had three parts: An interview to recognize motivation and suitability, a pitch to identify the ability to generate original ideas and promote them, and design assignments to see how creative our applicants are.
Our lecturers are analysing the input over the next few days, and all scores are double checked.
Thank you to the student assistants for organizing practical issues during Exams, and thank you to all the applicants who showed us their your potential and talent!
- Timo Kivikangas
Admissions Results and Confirming Your Student Place
·         TAMK will inform all entrance exam participants of the admission results earliest on 27 May 2014. The national deadline for all UAS and universities for releasing the admissions results is 15 July 2014.
·         48 students will be admitted to the TAMK Media and Arts Programme.
·         Admitted students must confirm in writing whether or not they accept the offered student place by 29 July 2014.
·         The academic year will begin August 12 at 10 AM Finnish time.

Do not cover! - co-exhibition by the first year students of Fine Arts in Tampere University of applied sciences


Finlaysoninkuja 3, 33210 Tampere
Open Mon-Fri from 12 to 16 (closed 1.5.)
Vernissage on Friday 25.4. 16-18

The first co-exhibition “Do not cover!” by the first year students of fine arts brings out the freshest contemporary art in Tampere. The students have daringly tried new methods and brought out strongly their own personal expression. This polymorphous exhibition includes, for example, paintings, installations, photography, sound art and graphics. Last autumn, the same group presented a various series of public performances against the closure of the fine arts degree program. 

The exhibition is held at Ikuinen Gallery, schools entrance hall Pesurumpu, at the second floor cafeteria and the corridors on few different floors.

The artist of the exhibition are: Miska Allonen, Aino Autere, Anna-Kaisa Hartikainen, Emma Johansson, Juho Järvi, Arsi Keva, Johanna Laaja, Roosa Lalja, Hanna Lehikoinen, Iisa Lepistö, Maarit Luttinen, Milja-Liina Moilanen, Emilia Mäkelä, Sanni Mäkipää, Henna Nerg, Ville Nieminen, Emma Nurminen, Peppi Reenkola, Sanni Saari, Mikko Silvennoinen, Ville-Matti Tenovirta, Riina Vilén and Anni Waris.

Do not cover!- exhibition and the other students of the Fine arts-program participate in Taidesuunnistus 26.-27.4.2014 from 11 to 17 on destination number 119.

Ikuinen gallery is a contemporary art project space located in the old factory complex Finlayson in central Tampere. The gallery is run by a board of fine art students in Tampere UAS School of Art and Media as part of their study program. Ikuinen gallery’s main focus is in presenting interesting and high quality student work, whereas work from other art school students and teachers as well as visiting artists are regularly also at show.

Ikuinen Galleria
ma-pe 12.00-16.00
Finlaysoninkuja 3
33210 Tampere

Last Monday afternoon I grabbed my bag, bought an infamous £3 Tesco meal-deal and headed to the Manchester’s bus station for a 5 hours megabus ride, to attend the annual Future of Web Design conference in London.

Future of web design is a world class conferences about web design, but not only. Some satellite subjects such as UX design, system design, animation and web development were widely covered by the 28 speakers. The conference was held at the brewery, a fancy conference hall in a great location in central London.

Something I personally really liked at this conference in general was its balance. From one hand, you could get great technical talks about web design (debates about CSS frameworks and why we hate them), web development (great Javascript tools and libraries introduced) and new technologies (CSS Masks, anyone?). From the other hand, there was plenty of conceptual talks about the role of web designers, what design is and new great ideas about what we can all do with it.

Simplicity in design and other great insights 

A very interesting session I’ve quite enjoyed was a talk by Stephen Hay from the Netherlands. He talked about simplicity in UX design, and gave some bad examples for how many web systems make a crappy experience just by complicating everything for no reason.

Bonny Colville-Hyde's talked about using comics in UX reports. She has an interesting theory (which I very much agree with) that nobody likes to read a boring 40-pages report. So instead of boring her clients, Bonny writes her UX reports in a comics format. According to her, this method is always very successful even with the most unexpected clients.

Robin Hawkes’s data visualisation talk was quite inspiring, talking about how to make data visualisation work and how to do it in practice with d3.js. He showed some amazing examples showcasing the power of d3.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. Hundreds of professionals from all around the world attended Future of web design, it had a chilled and friendly atmosphere and above all, it included great food, free booze and a great after party!

Stop motion animation Perro, a humandog in a bubble, 2014 (by Tea Hono, sound design by Joni Huttunen) was selected to be shown at Pori Art Museum’s spring term screenings as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Finnish animation. A wide selection of contemporary, non-commercial Finnish animations will be screened in four-week sequences in Pori, Finland. The series was selected in co-operation with Satakunta regional artist Taru Anttila.

The film Perro, a humandog in a bubble was also shown as part of TAMK Degree Programme in Fine Art's final year exhibition called Ylin nappi auki / Top button undone in TR1 Kunsthalle, in Tampere during 29.3.–13.4.2014.

Top button undone:

The crowded and happy vernissage

Top button undone - final thesis exhibition for Tampere University of Applied Sciences is still open
until this Sunday!

TR1 Kunsthalle is open until 13.4.2014, 11.00 - 18.00
Art Centre Mältinranta is open until 14.4.2014, 12.00 - 16.00
Guided tours on Sunday: in Mältinranta at 12.00 and TR1 13.30

It's the perfect opportunity to see this year's graduating fine artists and their final thesis works!

Radio Moreeni visited Art Centre Mältinranta and the broadcast can be heard today
from the station 98.4 at 19.00! The broadcast is also online at

The much anticipated Advanced User Experience Workshop course has rolled out since last week with the dedicated lecturer Kirsi Karimäki arranging a series of guest lectures for the course. 

The course started with Kirsi explaining the outline of the course and bringing student participants into the comprehensive level of user studies. Anne Kaikkonen, Senior UX Strategy Consultant from a globally-operated service design company, Cresense, and the Chairman of SIGCHI Finland, is the first guest lecturer in the course sharing various topics including User and Design Research methods, memory work and processing, as well as psychological studies.


caption: Guiding principle of User Research field from Anne Kaikkonen.  

“We touched topics such as questions that are better to avoid when doing your user research, and what to keep in mind about emotional influence etc. We got to know about our memory changes and how it affects the order of happenings – additionally to the topic, we were given examples on how different kinds of information can later pop up in users’ recalling of a certain situation, experience or just in any kind of interview. Thus, it was quite a rapid data, showing that users can lead you to more info in later time in some cases, and overall, how to more effectively implement your researches taking some psychological details into account. This was very interesting to listen to for the first time, and definitely, this kind of information will be very useful for many of us in the future.”

Liza, student participant.

The second guest lecture was given by Interaction Designer Ksenia Avetisova, from one of the most influential global digital service design agencies, Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive. 

Even though Ksenia was given very short notice about the presentation, the workshop was packed with great content and guidance on Service Design with Ksenia charmingly sharing the exclusive design methods used in professional field. Covering Desire to Release, Ksenia emphasized fluid working methods, which are at the core essence of Service Design. There is no one definite design framework for all solutions to the clients’ problem. Different techniques apply for different cases. It resonates well with many design principles such as ‘Think first, design later’ from Re:Sydney.

Guest speaker Ksenia Avetisova explaining Fjord’s holistic design approach.  

In short, the action-packed workshop allowed students to engage with the riveting presentation as well as exercising their brains by completing a rapid exercise which included analyzing a user persona and identifying their needs. The brainstorming exercise was undertaken in under 15 minutes. Rapid work indeed!


Students divided into small groups for brainstorming exercise. (Photo by Ksenia Avetisova)

Students got challenged with a user persona exercise!  

“I am really thrilled about this workshop learning about UX and service design from Kirsi and the guest speakers invited from the professional industry field. Such a great opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts between students and industry professional in a very practical workshop. The speakers are generously sharing their working experience, and what a great chance for students to get hands-on tips on what it’s like working in the field! ”

Joanne, student participant.


Left to Right: Ville, Joanne, Henna, Elizabeta. Students presenting results of rapid brainstorming sessions. Photo taken by Ksenia.

“Ksenia’s workshop was great. I didn’t really expect that kind of presentation, and it positively surprised me. First of all, we went through the Fjord company’s current working situation, businesses, locations and some of the projects that had been done there. Fjord is indeed big and I liked the introduction about it – well spoken, shown, using good-looking design slides and explanations. Most importantly, we practised some exercises about how problem solving and research is done in service design, and I have never tried those things before. It was really interesting and also fairly fast, thus it trained you that you had to use your logic, analyzing abilities and creativity all at once within 2-3 minutes! I was pretty lost at first, thinking that I couldn’t do anything, but later it worked out very well! We had our presentations about the fictional characters we got and what kind of solution would fit their needs. At the end, we got gifts from Ksenia such as Fjord’s annual trends book, which is totally nice to have, and all in all, the course was full of new interesting stuff and left a positive impression.

“This course has been a pleasing and positive experience – everyday we had something new, and basically, each day had a visiting lecturer! I really appreciated it, and the schedule of the course was quite intensive, which I personally liked, since we had so much to listen to and take notes, observe and present some home tasks, e.g. one of the UX research methods and so on. Our homework was really interesting and made me think about different things a lot and take them into account. More courses like this!”  
- Liza.

The course will be running until 9th of April, and another exciting guest lecture session will be head by Antti Aaltonen, Director of User Experience from Rovio Entertainment, giving his talk on “User experience in Game Design”. The course will end with a visit to Suuntaamo and VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland in Tampere.

Stories and photos by Joanne nh Wong and Elizaveta Kinnar, students of TAMK Media.

Joanne nh wong,
Liza Kinner,

This Easter even the bunny is digging out its Rock’n’Roll T-Shirt from the closet. Mediaosuuskunta MusicActive and students of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences present the first edition of KIIRAROCK.
Kiirarock is a project which inlcudes TAMK students of the Media as well as the Tourism path. The learning goal is to reach knowledge about organizing an own event and get to know each step of the process. The idea about a TTVO rock event started already back in 2012 and got into a real shape in autumn 2013. In Yo-Talo Tampere Kiirarock found the perfect location for its first edition and together with bands like Numero 83, Manzana and Loudguns the visitors will experience a very special Easter.
The most important information about the event:

18.April 2014
Yo-Talo Tampere (Kauppakatu 10, 33210 Tampere)

TICKETS: 8€ pre-sale / 10€ doors

Pre-Sale Tickets from: *
* Tamko Office (Kuntokatu 3, L-Building, 33520 Tampere)
* Sale-Tables directly in the schools (ONLY CASH):

09.04.2014, 11.00 - 13.00 - TAMK Finlayson Campus (Finlaysoninkatu 7)   10.04.2014, 10.00 - 14.00 - TAMK Main Campus (Kuntokatu 3; Mainentrance from Teiskontie)

More info:
Questions? E-mail us:


TAMK Finlayson campus is happy to announce in the light of the recent addition to three-dimensional printing capabilities, that the school will merge all current study programmes. This merge will together form the backbone of the new Industrial Design Programme. All film resources currently in AVDB will be auctioned by summer. In Mediapolis we will have a good ground to build a small factory at first for producing student creations.

Defence mechanics prototyping already tried and tested in zero floor

These creations will be supported by major institutions and companies, most notably the already affirmed client NSA. The NSA has placed a small (500 pcs) order of torturing equipment produced with plastic. Their announcer described the deal by saying how important it is these days to give students possibilities to interact with large global firms and also noted how ecological this approach of using plastic actually is. Green values matter to us and to them.

Nuclear warhead core hull structure printed from plastic

The arms industry is growing also in Finland towards the private sector, which gives us new opportunities.
A course will be introduced next year in industrial design, mainly focusing on 3d-printed defence technologies, which has gained popularity among civilians already around the world. To stay on top of our game we must follow the times. See you next autumn!