The Lobby

The big lobby of the second floor at Finlayson is pretty quiet now. It is four o'clock in the afternoon, and there are only students waiting for the Arduino Workshop to begin, down in the 0th floor.

In the beginning of August, the lobby was eerily empty, save for some teachers discussing courses. Then, when the 1st period began, the lobby became the Hub of Happenings. It was filled with information-hungry first-year students flocking to get their keys, and others checking their time-tables or just chatting.
And when the cafeteria finally opened, the lobby became really alive again.
This common meeting place welcomes everybody, not just students and staff, but the so-called outsiders as well. The library is open for anyone, and the magazines are top class.
One morning I arrived at the lobby and wondered what had happened - why was the place deserted? Then I realized it was Friday. But normally there are people in the lobby even in the evenings, project groups discussing something, impro workshop students, or even board game groups.

I'm fascinated by the fleetingness of places: The lobby has once been part of the Finlayson textile industries, and now it is something very different. And in maybe four years' time, when the Art & Media department has had to move elsewhere, the lobby will again have some other function. Perhaps there will be costly apartments in its place? Or some IT firm?
Although the place itself will be gone, it will still linger in the minds of former students, and of the staff members. Will the lobby become part of someone's dreams, I wonder?