Joint application for study programmes in Finnish begun

The joint application for universities of applied sciences begun today, and there are 2012 study places available in TAMK for degree programmes beginning in autumn of 2010. In addition to Tampere, there are study places available in Ikaalinen, Mänttä-Vilppula, Sastamala and Virrat.

The joint application for degree programmes run in English was January 11 - February 12.

The majority of the study places, 1465, are in the youth education degree programmes. There are 312 places available in the adult education degree programmes and 235 places in the Master’s degree programmes. The most number of study places, 776, are offered by the degree programmes of technology. There are 475 study places available in the degree programmes of social services and health, 275 in business and administration, 171 in culture, 140 in tourism, catering and domestic services, 138 in business systems administration and 37 in forestry.

The application for the degree programmes beginning in the autumn of 2010 is carried out as an on-line application in The application period is 1.3-16.4. For the first time, the national joint application covers youth education degree programmes, adult education degree programmes and Master’s degree programmes all at the same time.
Five programmes in the field of culture

TAMK School of Art and Media has three degree programmes participating in the joint application:
Film and Television
Fine Art
MA Degree Programme in Media Production

Due to the merger of TAMK and PIRAMK TAMK now has two new Finnish degree programmes in the field of culture:
Media (in Virrat)

More infos on application to TAMK (in Finnish)