Whistle While You Work nominated in Brussels

Story: Jussi Sandhu
The directional debut of Jussi Sandhu and Ville Hakonen, "Whistle While You Work", has been chosen to the international competition of the 13th Brussels short film festival (29.4-9.5). It's nominated with 53 films from around the world and is one of the two Finnish films competing this year.

The movie tells the story of Tommi Virtanen, a brave workhorse who doesn't mind doing any extra hours earning his managers trust. However, he doesn't intend to get stuck in his current position but wants to ascent in his career. One day Tommi has an idea.

Whistle while you work is a film about work, family and obsession - in short, a film about Finns.

Picture: Screenshot from the film (Anne-Mari Musturi)

Helvetin hyvää työtä / Whistle While You Work Fiction, 10 min
Directors: Jussi Sandhu, Ville Hakonen
Script: Jussi Sandhu
Cinematographer: Anne-Mari Musturi
Sound: Markus Aaltonen, Tomi Pietilä
Editor: Ville Hakonen
Music: Ville Rauhala, Ville Hakonen
Set designer: Aino Suni
Costume designer: Tuuli Pollari
Makeup: Anita Ahola
Graphics: Anne-Mari Musturi
Production: Mikko Helmanen, Mirva Savolainen, Juha Lindstedt
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