TAMK co-produces a Village of the Future to Keskustori in August 2010

Text: Essi Santala
Graphic: Saana Karala

August 28-29, a vision of a future city presents itself at Keskustori central square in Tampere. The main aim of the event is to bring information from experts to everyone through art and fun
experiences. The event will host art exhibitions, workshops as well as discussion panels.

Have you always wanted to taste what tofu is like but never had the experimental budget for it? How can you build a house of straw? Does it really matter if I recycle when others still don't? Where do they take all that garbage anyways? Are led lights any good?

Tulevaisuuskylä (Village of the Future) is produced by Sanataideyhdistys Yöstäjä ry with Pispalan kulttuuriyhdistys ry, Tampereen Maan ystävät ry and TAMK. Tulevaisuuskuvia (Visions of the future) -exhibition is co-produced with Arts Council of Pirkanmaa.

Other partners in the project are among others: Juurielo ry, Tilanne ry, Dodo ry, Polttava Kysymys -campaign Tampere division, Vegaaniliitto, Gaija community, Vaihda virtaa -campaign, Ekokumppanit Oy, Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management, Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design, Profession Institute Iisakki, fire performance group Flamma and theatre Teatteri Telakka.