International Week Workshop and TAF: Nou&Herkauw

The result of the workshop will be experienced at TAF Party May 7

Nou&Herkauw is a collective of artists and students who work in several disciplines such as media art, graphic design, illustration, and theatre. In collaboration with students of the Academy for Popculture they develop all kinds of interactive VJ performances for cultural events and dance events through out Holland.

The setup of Nou&Herkauw is most similar to an OpenLab. The basic idea of a performance is that it starts with totally nothing and that all the visual content is created on the spot during the event. This can be anything! What starts with nothing evolutes to one big dynamic composition of animations, looped sketches, errors, mobile phone streams, live paintings, and so on. Projected on screens or walls in the rhythm of the music of the DJ’s or musicians. The visitors of the event are invited to participate and become makers in this collective creative process.

Idea for TAF
In the workshop during the international week of TAF, Nou&Herkauw will develop a live performance for official TAF party at Friday the 7th of May. The Lab of Nou&Herkauw is a collection of different low-tech/high-tech techniques and modules, that all together form the setup in which artists and visitors can create their visuals. 
Examples of different modules are: Animation tools, cameras, twitter based vj tools, etc. The objective of the workshop is to develop a collection of modules and techniques, which combined form an OpenLab at the TAF party. The students will develop and also perform their concepts.

The objectives of the workshop are:
  • An exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge between international students.
  • Gaining more knowledge of developing and realising interactive performance concepts.
  • An introduction to VJ techniques and culture, creative programming (Isadora, Processing, Max/Msp Jitter), and theatre performance.
  • Establish a durable collaboration trajectory between the participating students and universities.
Adri Schokker, teacher at the Academy for Popculture and creative artist at Nou&Herkauw will host the workshop. There will also be students from the Academy of Popculture and other international students.
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