Martin Breindl, curator of media art in Fluss museum visited Art and Media

Martin Breindl (left) and Fine Art student Jussi Koitela having a portfolio session
Story: Sari Tervaniemi
In the middle of February Austrian curator Martin Breindl came to TAMK, Art and Media to see the portfolios of a group of fine art students, students of the specialization studies on photography and recently graduated artists in order to choose some to a show called Young Finnish Photography.

The show is going to take place for example in Vienna art scene in Fluss museum. The curatorial group include also Ângela M. Ferreira from Porto Art Academy, Portugal and Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen from Photographic Centre Nykyaika. Ferreira comes to TAF International week in May to look the portfolios of students.

The Young Finnish Photography -exhibition is a project of Gallery-Network of Backlight and also a TAF on Tour project. The organizer of this project is Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen. Video artist Arttu Merimaa chose the new artists graduated from TAMK to the portfolio sessions.

Breindl saw 39 portfolios of the participants, and asked them to send digital portfolio for the curatorial process.

Breindl also visited The Finnish Museum of Photography, Aalto University (Department of Photography) and AV-archive.

Juha Suonpää, the Head of our Fine Arts Programme, considers the visits of the international curators as an essential part of the studies. There will be more curators to have a portfolio session with the students in the near future. The aim is to offer students a real connection to the international contemporary art world.

Photo: Juha Suonpää