Ghost Ride - Part 1 of Timo Bredenberg's Graduation Work Online

Sold Out - TAMK fine art graduation show 2010
8.-30.5. Exhibition Hall TR1 (Finlayson)
8.-25.5. Art Centre Mältinranta
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Sold Out is the exhibition of 17 artists who graduate this spring from the Degree Programme in Fine Art of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). The opening of the exhibition is one of the highlights of Tampere Art Factory festival.

Timo Bredenberg
is one of the Sold Out artists. He has published the first part of his final thesis work online. Your comments are welcome.

Preface by Timo Bredenberg:
In my recent practice I have observed youth cultural phenomena and social attitudes spreading in the Internet. I'm interested in the ways identity is represented in media spaces and how mediated publics affect our social behaviour.
This video is a part of two channel installation observing ghost riding phenomenon.
Timo Bredenberg's channel Social Media Art on YouTube (Give feedback here)
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