Kahvia ja tupakkaa: Time for the Premiere

A different kind of movie Kahvia ja tupakkaa – a pastiche to the famous movie Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) by Jim Jarmusch – was shot last autumn and now it’s the time to celebrate the premiere which is going to take place March 11 as a part of Tampere Film Festival.

Kahvia ja tupakkaa is directed by Tomi Pietilä and Jussi Sandhu is the screenwriter. The script is original and written particularly for the movie; only the style has been borrowed from the original motion picture. The story is about two men (and a waiter) who meet after many years to solve a problem that one of them is struggling with. Everything takes place in a corner table of a coffee shop. Besides cool casting - Ilkka Vieru, Kari Peitsamo and Dave Lindholm all being famous Finnish artists - is the set design a key element in the film. This was taken care of well by the set decorator Henna Seppälä.

Kahvia ja tupakkaa is one of the films that will be showed at the special screening TTVO (=TAMK School of Art and Media) New Student Films at Tullikamari, Thu March 11 4pm.

Story: Niilo Gustafsson, Media Production student
Photo: Pauli Kopu

Kahvia ja tupakkaa / "Coffee and Cigarettes"
Fiction, 4 min
Director: Tomi Pietilä
Script: Jussi Sandhu
Photography: Heidi Jokinen
Sound: Michael Böger
Editing: Anne-Mari Musturi
Music: Michael Law
Production: Pauli Kopu

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