On Tampere Film Festival: All that I Wanted

Pirjo is a woman who demands pure perfection from herself as well as others. With unusual methods Pirjo is going to secure the future of her perfect genotype as well. This short film contemplates the modern demand for flawlessness which affects us all. An absurd story told with vivid comic-like images will definitely make the viewer think.

All that I wanted is a short film made by media students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The crew consisted of students of cinematography, editing, lighting design, sound design and production. Professional costume and make-up designers as well as professional actors were also involved. The movie was filmed in Tampere, Finland in December 2009 and it will premiere in March 2010 in Tampere Film Festival. After this the movie will be sent to Finnish and foreign movie festivals and competitions.

If you’re interested of the movie making process, visit our blog to find out more; niinpaljon.blogspot.com
Unfortunately the blog is in Finnish, but we have a lot of interesting photos of the pre-production, location hunting, film shooting, etc.
Story: Niina Virtanen

Niin paljon sinua halusin / All that I wanted
Finland / Suomi 2010
Fiction, 4 min
Director: Aino Suni
Script: Niina Virtanen
Photography: Kerttu Hakkarainen
Sound: Arttu Hokkanen
Editing: Jussi Sandhu, Ville Hakonen
Music: Arttu Hokkanen
Production: Niina Virtanen
All that I wanted is one of the films that will be showed at the special screening TTVO (=TAMK School of Art and Media) New Student Films at Tullikamari, Thu March 11 4pm.

Tampere International Short Film Festival
TAMK School of Art and Media New Student Films Show