International Week Workshops: Design Spam

Interaction designer and lecturer Pawel Pokutycki from the the Design & Communication department of the Hanze University Groningen (Academy Minerva) will host a one day workshop on day two of our International Week (May 3rd) titled:

Design Spam - workshop on conceptual and experimental approach to interaction design

Pawel explains to contents and targets of the workshop:
88% of all e-mails sent worldwide is spam, what gives about 130 billion messages per day, 84 million per minute, 1.4 million per second.

Why waste the potential of this powerful media concept and focus only on anti-spam defense instead of appreciating its beauty, improving its functionality and creating a new on-line communication tool of tomorrow?

In times when new media concepts die as quickly as they are born (and social media, augmented reality, spimes etc, are no exception!), interaction designers should never blindly follow any trends, nor should they entirely ignore the vanishing inventions of the past. Instead, they should experiment more, be critical, question the logic of contemporary communication tools, hack media reality as it is now and prototype unexpected solutions for the future.

We take spam not as a destination, but only a departure point for an inspiring, creative session based on:
  • learning efficient methods of concept development for interactive media
  • exploring the boundaries and experimenting with various applications of interactive media in the field communication design
  • discussing contemporary trends and future scenario's related to the discipline of interaction design
  • questioning the functionality and aesthetics of selected communication platforms and media environments
Academy Minerva
TAMK School of Art and Media wraps up the academic year arranging the third International Week (May 3-7) and Tampere Art Factory festival (May 7-9).

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