Today and Saturday on TFF: Memory of Tomorrow

- A Story of Memories, love and letting go

Two TAMK School of Art and Media Films were invited to the national competition of Tampere International Film Festival. The documentary film When I Move directed by Ville Salminen will be introduced tomorrow.

The premiere of Memory of Tomorrow directed by Pekka Saari will have its premiere today. The shows at Tampere Film Festival will be:

Thu March 11

14:00-16:00 Memory of Tomorrow  Plevna 5 (National Contest 9)
Sat March 13
12:00-14:00 Memory of Tomorrow Plevna 2  (National Contest 9)

Director Pekka Saari comments his film:
"The film tells about Aleksi, a man who loves his wife and photography and fears death and bad lifestyle choices. After his wife’s death, Aleksi gets a chance to participate in a medical experiment, which could stop him from dying. The film’s events stretch from the 1960’s to the present day and onward into the future. In the year 2142 Aleksi is still alive. The memories of his past have been preserved in photos and video clips , but the feeling wihin them has slowly seeped away through the years.

With this film we wanted foremost to explore the questions about what are lives are made of and what in life is truly important to us. We wanted to convey  this in a way that is beautiful and hazy, liberating rather than distressing.
The film has been made with a tight budget, by students, professionals and amateurs alike. It is also the final thesis work of four students from Tampere School of Art and Media. The making of this film has required a lot of time, love, spirit and sweat. The sets were made using the the combination of digital effects  and traditional ”chipboard and duck tape” approach to set building . The film was shot both in digital RED-format, which allowed a more freedom  in the editing and effects process, and on 16mm film, according to what sort of mood and feeling the scene needed."

The leading actor of Memory of Tomorrow, Heikki Nousiainen was recently awarded Jussi, the Finnish Oscar for best leading actor.

Memory of Tomorrow is a short film produced by the School of Art and Media of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

Memory of Tomorrow home (in Finnish, but will shortly be in English too)
Memory of Tomorrow on Facebook (bilingual)

TAMK School of Art and Media at Tampere Film Festival
Tampere Film Festival March 10-14 2010