Arts Council of Finland and AVEK grants for ”Youth as a Refugee” project

Youth from Härmälä group home and Schoool of Art and Media  students in a festival against racism in Tampere 21 March at Kuusela Centre for Seniors
Text: Pekka Niskanen and Anna Knappe
The community art project being made for Europe’s Capital of Culture year 2010 exhibition in Dortmund has received a grant from Arts Council of Finland and R&D grant from AVEK (The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture).

Going by the working title ”Youth as a Refugee”, the project is is being made by artist Pekka Niskanen and the art students Anna Knappe, Timo Piikkilä and Jaana Riistola together with young refugees from Lammi reception centre and Härmälä group and group family homes.

AVEK’s R&D subsidy , Vieteri, is meant for the development of new forms of audiovisual expression and narrative potential.  ”Youth as a Refugee” project has also been supported by the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas and Finnish Refugee Council. During the project the team teaches the young to film and edit videos, in which they get to tell about their life in the reception centres. The finished videos will be gathered into a website that opens in summer 2010.

There will be eight art projects by TAMK Fine Art students at Dortmund’s Inter-Cool 3.0 exhibition. You can learn more about Inter-Cool 3.0 exhibition from the blog post "Art students join Damien Hirst in an exhibition".

The Inter-Cool 3.0 exhibition opens 17 September in Dortmund, after which it will be also shown in Wien, Leeds and Tampere.

Inter-Cool 3.0