TAMK Goes Tampere Film Festival 2010

From the film Adaption
The students of TAMK School of Art and Media are annually involved in Tampere Film Festival in many ways. There are a lot of students active with the practical arrangements and duties; working or doing their work practice or voluntary work. The film and television students are also responsible for the broadcasts of the Film Festival Studio and organisation of the Film Fest Party.

The film festival is for many students a part of their studies, a considerable number of study points will be gained. The Film Festival studio is part of the Multicamera course, and participation in Film Festival seminars and workshops add to study points as well as work practice does. The biggest amount of study points is however collected in the process of shooting the films that are seen in the national competition screenings and the special show of School of Art and Media new student films.

This is how TAMK students show on the Film Festival programme:

Wed March 10
14:30-15:00 Film Festival Studio, Dina TV
Thu March 11
14:00-16:00 Memory of Tomorrow D: Pekka Saari Plevna 5 (National Contest 9)
14:30-15:00 Film Festival Studio, Dina TV16:00-17:00 TAMK New Student Films, Pakkahuone
21:00-04:00 Film Fest Party, Klubi

Fri March 12
14:00-16:00 When I Move... D: Ville Salminen Plevna 5 (National Contest 10)
14:30-15:00 Film Festival Studio, Dina TV

Sat March 13
12:00-14:00 Memory of Tomorrow D: Pekka Saari Plevna 2 (National Contest 9)
16:00-18:00 When I Move... D: Ville Salminen Plevna 2 (National Contest 10)

Additionally many film professionals graduated from TAMK are visible at the Film Festival. E.g. five of the thirteen directors of the Finnish Music Video Show have studied here; Teemu Niukkanen, Jussi Kärnä, Iiro Hokkanen and Miikka Lommi in the Degree Programme of Media and Sami Sänpäkkilä in the Degree Programme of Fine Arts.

The films of the TAMK New Films Special Screening:
    * Adaption, D: Henna Inkinen
    * Asepussi/Gunbag, D: Jukka Hautajärvi
    * Esso, D: Petri Uusitalo
    * Helvetin hyvää työtä/Whistle while you work, D: Ville Hakonen/Jussi Sandhu
    * HERA D: Sanni Rajapolvi
    * Herääminen/The Awakening, D: Miro Laiho
    * Jackpot D: Petri Uusitalo
    * Kahvia ja tupakkaa/Coffee and Cigarettes, D: Tomi Pietilä
    * Korpin laulu/Raven's song, D: Aino Suni
    * Limppu/The Loaf, D: Pauli Kopu
    * Niin paljon sinua halusin/All that I wanted, D: Aino Suni
    * Oman onnensa leipuri/Lucky Baker, D: Markus Aaltonen
    * Perhepotretti/Family Portrait, D: Minna Korhonen
    * Pitkän päivän aamu/Finding Frank, D: Joona Sarisalmi
    * Toivon murusia/Crumbs of Hope, D: Emmi-Sofia Markkanen

Tampere Film Festival March 10-14 2010