Today and Saturday on TFF: When I Move

A film about the fear of stopping

Two TAMK School of Art and Media Films were invited to the national competition of Tampere International Film Festival. Memory of Tomorrow directed by Pekka Saari was introduced yesterday. Now When I Move by Ville Salminen is in turn:

"A barefoot girl stands on a downtown street. Her feet don't touch the ground. The girl starts to dance. She feels like flying. Meanwhile, a footballer bounces a ball in the rain on an empty football field. The ball drops in a water puddle. The footballer stares into eternity while rain runs down on her face. She picks up speed and kicks the ball into the night. It doesn't fall down..."

Kun Liikun (When I Move) is an experimental short film which combines documentary, advertising and fiction in storytelling. The 6-minute-long film introduces four people who each are devoted to moving in some way. The main characters describe their relationship with movement, how they experience surroundings when they move and what makes them give up and continue again.

When I Move was invited to many festivals in the year of its premiere:
  • International Festival Signes de Nuit 2010
  • Soul 4 Reel Film Festival 2010
  • Minimalen Short Film Festival 2010
  • Tampere Film Festival 2010
  • International Short Film Festival Shnit 2009
  • Reik√§reuna Short Film Festival 2009
It was of course screened at the Tampere Art Factory festival 2009.
When I Move is a co-production of School of Art and Media and Obscure Entertainment
The shows of When I Move at Tampere Film Festival are:
Fri March 12
14:00-16:00 When I Move...  Plevna 5 (National Contest 10)
Sat March 13
16:00-18:00 When I Move... Plevna 2 (National Contest 10)
TAMK School of Art and Media at Tampere Film Festival
Tampere Film Festival March 10-14 2010