Raven's song showing at Tampere Film Festival

Story: Aino Suni
Seven-year-old Iiris is abandoned by her mother and thrust in the care of her relatives. The girl finds a safe haven from the world of adults in the company of her new raven friend in a cosy barn. Caring for the bird lands the girl in trouble with her relatives and she decides to run away.

Korpin laulu (Raven's Song) is a story about a child who gets overlooked and mistreated in a world governed by adults. The subject is especially topical in our busy and work-centred culture, where we children and adolescents alike are showing the symptoms of their ill feelings. Standing up for the weak is a truism that realizes itself surprisingly seldom. Good will is not always enough, for in the end it is our actions that matter.

The film was produced by the third year media students of Tampere School of Art and Media as their student project in 2009.

Korpin laulu / Raven's Song
Fiction, 14 min
Director: Aino Suni
Script: Kerttu Hakkarainen
Photography: Kerttu Hakkarainen
Sound: Miro Laiho
Editing: Jussi Sandhu
Music: Miro Laiho
Production: Aino Suni, Pauli Kopu, Kerttu Hakkarainen, Linda Haapanen
Raven's song is one of the films that will be showed at the special screening TTVO (=TAMK School of Art and Media) New Student Films at Tullikamari, Thu March 11 4pm.
Tampere International Short Film Festival
TAMK School of Art and Media New Student Films Show