Creative Cooperation with Tartu

Raul Oreshkin and Külli Hansen on our snowy roof top garden
We welcomed again visitors from the Estonian twin city of Tampere, Tartu. Külli Hansen and Raul Oreshkin, representatives of Tartu Centre for Creative Industries were guests of Creative Tampere for two days to learn about creative institutions in Tampere. Tampere UAS Finlayson campus with the School of Art and Media and the proAcademy were targets of the tour.

The contacts between different cultural institutions in Tampere and Tartu are very intense. Also TAMK School of Art and Media and Tartu Art College have close cooperation including staff and student exchange.

Last year students of our Fine Arts Programme had the MAAVARA (Ride Height) exhibition in Tartu, and the Tartu College of Fine Art Graduation Show Lend n 2009 exhibited in Tampere.

Tartu Centre for Creative Industries
Creative Tampere

Lend n 2009
MAAVARA (Ride Height)