International Week Workshop: Interactive Cinema by Chris Hales

Chris Hales will be back again in Tampere to run a self-contained workshop about the 'interactive moving image' - involving the design and actual production of a prototype in which interactivity and video imagery are combined.

Chris has run many successful workshops around Europe, including several at TAMK Art and Media which have resulted in memorable results. Interactive films involving sauna culture, the streets and pubs of Tampere, a murder mystery, and even Santa Claus, have emerged from Chris's workshops, which often take inspiration from the unique location of Tampere.

The workshop commences with lectures and case-studies in order to provide background about the ways in which moving images have been, and could be, made interactive - and why. Interactive television, mobile phones, iPods, DVDs, computers, websites, ‘live’ performance and cinematic display will all be mentioned as possible means of showing interactive moving imagery. Different types of content such as fiction, advertising, music-related, artistic, educational and documentary will be considered.

Students will be expected to present a concept for an interactive film in response to the techniques and ideas shown, and several of these will actually be produced as functional prototypes. Depending on the class size it will be possible to work as an individual or in small groups. Video cameras will be used to create footage which will be digitised and prepared and subsequently combined with interactivity. Adobe Director will be recommended, demonstrated and fully supported as a suitable authoring tool, although students are welcome to use other software such as Flash, DVD Studio Pro or Quartz Composer. Interaction technology might involve audio input, sensors/Arduino, keyboard, fiducial markers, or video imaging.

The results of the workshop will be shown at Tampere Art Factory.

The author has visited TAMK School of Art and Media annually since 2001 with his Interactive Cinema workshop. Chris Hales has also frequently visited Tampere Film Festival, MindTrek and Tampere Art Factory performing the Interactive Cinema show "Cause and Effect" together with Teijo Pellinen. Cause and Effect has been shown on numerous Film and Media Festivals around Europe.

Our International Week will be May 3-7 and the opening weekend of Tampere Art Factory May 7-9 2010.

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