International Week Workshops: Creative Editing

Elie Yazbek teaching at International Week '09
Elie Yazbek, responsible of cinema studies at Saint Joseph's University, Beirut, will host the Creative Editing workshop of our International Week May 3-7. Elie comments his second visit to Tampere: "I'm very happy to join TAF team again in May 2010 during the international week, TAF students are really full of energy and need to express themselves!"

The workshop Creative Editing will start with a lecture, the first day, about the multiple theories and practice of editing through the history of cinema. This will provide the students the tools for the second part of the workshop: each student will have to create, through testing and experimentations, a video with footage imposed by the lecturer to the entire group. The main objectives are to train the students to be creative in the editing process and to understand the relationship between storytelling and editing.

Parallel to the work on the videos, students will be asked to show some of their previous short films made at TAMK and to discuss the editing choices with the lecturer and the other students.

Saint Joseph University

There are now seven registered workshops led by our international partners during our international week. We will introduce them all, until now we have presented:
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