Wooga Game Jam in Berlin, 15.-17.3

Wooga Game Jam was organized  15.-17.3. Two Score members, Andy and I and also 5 students from Kajak traveled from Finland to Berlin to create games during the weekend. We came a day earlier, so we even got to see some of what Berlin had to offer!

The Game Jam kicked off at Wooga's office on Friday. Their office was amazing, and we had some presentations at their newly opened auditorium. After that, we split up into groups and started jamming. I grouped up with 4 Kajak students.

Our coolio team 

Our jamming went pretty smoothly, especially since Wooga offered us drinks and food for the whole weekend (and our workplace was right next to their kitchen..)
We developed on Windows Phone, which was a new platform for me. Our awesome programmers Petri and Olli-Matti did a great job in developing and polishing the game. 

Our protagonist, Luchador

Creating the menuscreen with our programmers in the background

Our to-do list in our working lab, programmer Petri and the producer/game designer Julius 

After two days of working around the clock, our hard work was rewarded by the winning prize! And most importantly, we had tons of fun!

 Minna, Elsa, Olli-Matti, Petri and Julius, the happy winners

Here's some gameplay video:

- Minna