International Week Workshop: It’s Alive! (VJ stuff!)

Michel Pistra, Samuel van Dijk and Baz Laarakkers from Academy of Pop Culture Minerva (NL) will give the workshop "It's Alive" April 22-25.

One of the previous Pop Culture Academy
workshops in action

  • Visualizing sound (and also the other way around) has been done for years. 
  • You can see it in what VJ’s do, you can see it in your iTunes visualisation, you can see it everywhere. 
  • Some visualisations are technical translations, some are artistic interpretations. 
  • The funny thing is, when you put audio and image together, the outcome can be unpredictable.   
  • In this workshop we’re going to explore the sonic and visual boundaries. 
  • With all kinds of tools we are connecting sound and image into one. 
  • Mainly hands on and away from you computer workshop.

After the workshop you are the master of this

The registration for International Week workshops will start April 2nd!

The sixth International Week of Tampere University of Applied Sciences School of Art, Music and Media
Art, Music and Media 6th International Week is an annual event this year with eleven workshops, seminars and discussions on new ideas and new creative cooperation. This year some of the main themes will be blended learning, collaborative on-line and real-life learning.
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