Quick and Green world water week film

TAMK celebrated World Water Day on March 21st 2013. Second year Film and Television students got a task to create some 1.5 min. films  using the Quick and Green -method.

The main character begs the pastor for aid with the apple flavoured
mineral water

The films were done fast and the shooting lasted only one day. The film production adapted more environment friendly methods.

Juho Aittanen, director of the film Omenavichy (Apple flavoured mineral water) describes the process:

"So we made a sketch for the World Water Week. The assignment was to make a 1,5 minute short film which could be shot in a day and would address the subject of water.

With a rebellious attitude our group decided that we would make the connection to Water Week as far fetched as possible.

In the end after a couple of missteps (an 8 hour brainstorming session ending with a plot for a 30 minute spy-thriller about water wars) the end product is surprisingly not a disgrace of my short career. Come to think of it I kind of fancy it."